20. julij 2014

Review and Swatches: Avon Lipsticks

Today I actually wanted to write about products I used up, but since a bunch of bloggers I follow (Slovenian&international) already wrote empties post this week, I decided for a different theme - lipsticks. 
Reason I love Avon lipsticks has pretty much to do also with a fact that you can order a sample. That way you can see if you gonna like a certain shade or formula before you buy a full size product. Beside that sample lipsticks are so easy to apply because of their form. That's probably the reason I didn't had problems with application by any of them. I ordered 7 testers and one full size lipstick. Testers were around 0,30 €. Lipsticks are from collections Ultra Colour Matte, Ultra Colour and Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction and I'll talk about each collection separately. As you know Avon often changes its offer and few shades I can't find anymore in new catalogue which I hate because I really like those shades, but I decided to post about them anyway.

Avon matte lipsticks are probably the best matte lipsticks I've tried. Amazingly pigmented, creamy, long lasting and what's the most important, they don't feel dry on my lips at all. Even if I don't use lipbalm underneath, my lips are not dry. I actually have a feeling that they moisten them a bit, but maybe it's just my imagination (or this summer weather, when my lips are less dry than in colder months). I got three shades: Matte Fuchsia, Matte Peach and Matte Merlot. Matte Fuchsia is my favourite and I'm thinking about purchasing a full size. It also lasts amazingly long on my lips - it wears off after around four hours and then it leaves nicely even stain that fades away after two, two and a half hours. It even survived eating and drinking! On the other hand Matte Peach fades away quicker, it last no longer than four hours together with a stain. Matte Merlot also lasted longer, so I think that their bolder/darker shades last longer on lips than neutral ones.

From this collection I only have one lipstick - Tangerine, which is a coral shade that looks shiny on lips. As the name of collection says it's very moisturizing, but unfortunately not very long lasting. On my lips it completely faded away after two hours and it doesn't survive a meal. But despite that I really love it, because the shade it's just amazing.

From this collection I have four shades, three are samples (Lava Love, Ripe Papaya and Hot Pink) and one is a full size (Tangerine Tango). These ones also look shiny on lips, but longativity is average. Bolder shades (Hot Pink, Lava Love, Tangerine Tango) last around four hours on my lips, but Ripa Papaya only about 2 hours. These also feel moisturizing on lips and fade away evenly. Ultra Color lipsticks contain 3,5 g of products and cost 8,50 €, but they are often on sale and cost less (at the moment they cost 6,70 €).

Tangerine - this is a coral shade that looks shiny on lips. It's more sheer lipsticks, but nicely buildable and I think it would look good on anyone.
Ripe Papaya - this is a peacy shade, that looks shiny on lips. It's less pigmented than other thre shades from Ultra Colour collection, but buildable and it's my second favourite peachy lip shade in my collection (first place still belongs to Catrice Go Flamingo Go). I just wish it would last longer on lips.
Hot Pink - a pink shade that I expected to be more neon-ish because of the word "hot" in the name, but it's still a pretty shade.
Lava Love - this is a classical red shade.
Matte Fuchsia - although the name says fuchsia, this is a true pink shade and it's my favourite of the bunch. 
Matte Peach - this is a nude peachy shade, probably my least favourite of them all, but perfect for those who prefer nude shades.
Matte Merlot - is a dark red shade, that will be more appropriate for fall and winter. In summer I rarely wear that kind of shades.
Tangerine Tango - a true orange shade. I got it because orange is the color of the lips this summer, although I think this one has a slight red undertone on me.

Avon Tangerine

Avon Ripe Papaya

Avon Hot Pink

 Avon Lava Love

Avon Matte Fuchsia

Avon Matte Peach

Avon Matte Merlot

Avon Tangerine Tango

Have you tried Avon lipsticks? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

16. julij 2014

I want to go to the sea

Let's talk about nails, shall we? I titled this post that way, because I really want to go on vacation somewhere, but unfortunately for me it starts the most busy month at work, so nothing from vacation till September. But if I can't go anywhere I can at least conjure a touch of sea and vacation on my nails.

I made two different nautical manicures with "Compass, chain, anchor pattern" water decals, I received from Born Pretty Store. First one is a combination of decals and silver-blue stripes (I wanted to use a golden striping tape, but discovered that I don't own it) and second one is more nautical french. 

As all water decals I had to put these ones in the water for few seconds as well before applying them on nails. I don't find that these have a great quality as some others I tried before. These were harder to remove from foil and water melted them a bit (as you can notice on my middle finger on first manicure). For both manicures I used Essie Blanc as a base. On first photo the blue is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and on second Flormar 423. But despite not such great quality of water decals I love both nail arts I did. 

If you're going to shop at Born Pretty Store, use my coupon for 10 % discount. 

What do you think about my manicures? Thank you for reading!

15. julij 2014

Beauty Tag - You can pick only one

I was tagged by Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog to do this tag and since I like this tag a lot, here it is. Basically the rule of this tag is to pick one brand or products for each category. The tag was originally created by Rebecca from Autumn Leaves

Low End/Drugstore Brand
I have to go with Catrice here. Amazing quality for a low price. They have great blushes, lipsticks, I love their eyebrow products and also some mono eyeshadows aren't that bad. There's no nail polish on upper photo, because I have too many of them.

High End Brand
Going through my stash I don't think I have much high end products. I do have Clinique blush/highlighter in Peony which is a nice product, but I don't use it much, so I can't say it's my favourite. Also, recently I received few Clarins products which I have to test yet. 

I just bought L'Oreal Lumi primer two weeks ago and I already adore it. I tried only three primers till now and I can already say that this one is the best from all three, so it's an obvious choice. Beside, it's the only primer it's impressed me immediately. 

Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger without a doubt. Amazing golden highlighter.

Foundation/Face Product
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I prefer foundations with light coverage and this one is perfect. Plus, it has very light shades, so I can also use it during the winter when I'm very pale.

Essence Stay All Day concealer. Amazing coverage, easy to blend, doesn't look cakey on skin - love it.

I don't use bronzers, so no product pick here.

This one is so hard, because I love more than one blush. I think I'll go with Essence Ap-ri(c)ot blush from Be Loud collection here. It looks amazing on cheeks and it's perfect for wearing in any season.

Essence All About Matt fixing powder. It prolongs my foundation, gives the skin a matt look and it doesn't look cakey or anything on me. 

Setting Spray
Haven't used any yet, so again, no product pick here.

Eyebrow Product
Catrice eyebrow set. This is the most amazing product I tried for my eyebrows (which look terrible, btw) and the lightest shade is the perfect match for them.

Sleek Storm. It has amazing selection of eyeshadows. I can do daily neutral and bolder looks with it. Although I admit I neglect it a lot, since I have many palettes and I like to use different ones.

Catrice eyeliner. It's the blackest black, amazing pigmented, last long on eyes. 

Essence I Love Volume mascara. I tried many mascaras and none gave me such an amazing volume as this one. 

Lip Product
Another one very hard, but since Catrice Go Flamingo Go is the most perfect peachy shade and I almost finished it, I have to go with it here.

Nail Polish
Essie Blanc. As a huge nail polish lover I could think all day and change my minds about my favourite polish every five minutes, but Essie Blanc is the most useful polish in the world - I wear it all year no matter the season, alone and I use it a lot with nail art manicures. Pure love.

Beauty Tool
Tweezers. A must have beauty tool for me. At the moment I'm using Essence one and I'm very satisfied with it.

I tag Kristina, Sandra, Tamara and Meteo Beauty to do this tag. Even if you're not tagged and you like this tag, feel free to do it. Thank you for reading!

14. julij 2014

Yves Rocher Review: Face

Some time ago few of Slovenian bloggers received products for full face makeup look from Yves Rocher for a contest. I actually wrote about them back them, but in Slovene only, so I decided to review everything in English as well. I'm starting with face products: a primer, a foundation and a powder. I actually noticed that the names are a bit different in Slovenian store than in UK, so sorry for any confusion.

Yves Rocher Perfect Primer 
Price: 12,24€ for 15 ml
This is actually a primer I have love-hate relationship with. At the beginning it frightened me a bit because it's so dark. I was afraid it'll be too dark for me, but it blends into the skin and it adapts to the skin tone. It's easy bleandable and only a small amount of products is necessary for a whole face. It also gives the skin a nice shine and it prolongs the foundation duration. What actually bothers me a lot is the scent. It has very strong artificial scent, which stinks to me. Maybe it'll smell to someone, but not to me. I would prefer if primer would be scent free. I haven't told you anything about the packaging, which is made of glass and it works very sturdy. I dropped it few times (I'm clumsy, what can I say), but it didn't brake.

Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation in shade 100 Beige
Price: 21,71€ for 30 ml
I have the shade 100 Beige, which is too dark for me during the winter when I'm pale like a Snow White, but at the moment when I have a darker tan it suits me well. The foundation is scented too, but luckily the scent is not strong and it doesn't bother me so much. Its packaging is also made of glass and it has a golden lid, but no cap. By the primer the lack of the cap doesn't bother me that much, but here I miss it. 
The foundation itself it's creamy and it has a bit thicker formula. It's medium opaque, but buildable and usually two pumps are enough for my whole face. It blends nicely, evens the skin tone and I like that it doesn't emphasize dry parts on my skin. Alone it last around 7 or 8 hours, but with primer underneath and/or powder over it lasts much longer.

Yves Rocher Velvet Finish Loose Powder Transparence Rosee
Price: 14,08€ for 15 g
The packaging of this product is a plastic jar and it has screw the cap. Inside it has little holes through which powder comes out, but I don't like the packaging too much, because when I carry this product around too much powder comes out and when I open the jar, the powder dust all around the place. Although this product looks very bright, my foundation looks too dark when I wear it. I actually think this might be because the foundation shade is beige and this powder is pink (I know they have beige shade of this powder as well), but maybe I'm wrong. But otherwise I do like this powder, it's silky, it mattifys the skin perfectly and it makes foundation last longer on my face. I just have to be careful not to use it too much, because otherwise it can look cakey and it can emphasize dry parts on face. 

On left is my naked face and on right my face makeup made with all three products. Together they last very long on my face, even up to 11 hours.

Have you tried any of these Yves Rocher products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
*Products were sent to me for review.

12. julij 2014

Review and Swatches: Wet N Wild Comfort Zone

Meet my new favourite palette for summer. I can already tell that the look with this palette will be my go to look for the summer. Why? Because eyeshadows make my eyes pop out. In this post I'm also going to share a tutorial for my go to look.

The packaging of this palette is nothing special. It's plastic with a transparent lid and since is quite small, it's good for traveling, although the packaging is not as sturdy as for example the Sleek one. It contains 8 shimmery eyeshadows (8,5 g) and each has engraved its purpose. That's why I find this palette great for beginners, although that doesn't mean that you have to use a certain eyeshadow for the exact purpose that's written on. 

Eyeshadows are very silky, smooth, blend nicely, dust a bit, but fall out is minimal. The color payoff is really amazing, even the lightest shades are nicely pigmented. Although both two lightest shades are meant to be used on browbone, I find second one too dark for that. It's good for blending the harsh lines or to be used on lids. My favourite eyeshadow is "eyelid 1" and I use it all the time on my eyelids. I can believe, how bright and open my eyes look when I wear it. I also adore the duochrome shade. It's not as noticeable on eyes as in pan, but still gorgeous. Some bloggers said that this eyehsdow blends harder than others, but I didn't notice that. I usually wear my makeup for 12 or more hours (I do my makeup at 7 a.m. and remove it at 8 p.m or later) and I noticed, that they do tend to crease, but only after 9 or 10 hours, which doesn't bother me, because after that time I'm already home from work. Besides, it could also be the heat, I do sweat a lot when it's hot (hate it, but it happens).

Now let's go to the tutorial of my go to look with this palette. First I use Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, as always. Then I use "crease 1" eyeshadow which I apply in crease. On lids I use eyeshadow "eyelid 1". After that I use "definer 2" (sometimes also "definer 1" or "crease 2") in outer V. Before I go to lower lashline I like to use the lightest shade to blend the harsh lines. Under my eyes I love to use green eyeshadow "eyelid 2" to give the look a pop of colour. In my inner corner I use "browbone 1" shade to open the look a bit more. If I have enough time I use eyeliner, but in the morning I usually have 5-10 min to do the makeup so eyeliner is not an option, because I wouldn't apply it nicely. Then I just use black kajal pencil on waterline and apply a mascara. 

And this is a full face makeup. I really love to wear these eyeshadow, they are perfect for day time look. Although I use it mostly for gentle looks, it can be used for bolder looks as well and I bet I'll do one soon.

Wet n Wild palette is available in Slovenia in Destination Pretty online store for 8,48 €.

Have you tried Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!

10. julij 2014

Essie Fiji Glows in the Dark

Let's talk about Essie Fiji a bit more. Since this is one of my favourite summer nail polishes, it definitely deserves its own post. I actually want to show you another very interesting polish in this post as well.

Essie Fiji is a nude pinky cream polish with more watery formula. It needs 2 or 3 coats, it depends how thick or thin your coats are. It applys like a butter, probably also because of a great rounded bigger brush. Drying time is fast even without a top coat, so those who don't use fast drying top coat gonna love it too. I already mentioned that it looks amazing on tanned skin and that's why this is probably the only pinkish shade I'm going to like in my life. I also used it on toes and it looks even better there than on my nails on hands. Although I usually wear colorful polishes on my toes in the summer, this one will be on them a lot. The only problem is that Essie polishes are quite expensive. I mean, 10 € is a lot for me, specially because they don't last on my nails longer than cheaper polishes and Fiji can chip on me after one day. I like to buy Essie when they are on sale and this weekend (from 11.7.-13.7) DM is having a sale on Essie polishes - you can buy two polishes for the price of one.

The other polish I want to talk about today is Yes Love 59. It's a polish with transparent base and red and white hexagonal and bar glitter. It has a bit thicker formula and it doesn't apply as nicely as it could. With one brush stroke there stays only a little amount of glitter on nails, so I have to dab it on to get it more on my nails. It also drys a bit longer, so fast drying top coat is necessary. Yes love polishes stink like hell. Unfortunately scent lasts quite long. If I paint my nails in the evening I still can smell it in the morning, but the scent is not as strong as when I freshly painted my nails. What I like about this polish is that it glows in the dark. And that's not subtle glow, but quite strong. Essence Glow in the Dark top coat is zero against this one. This one glows even if you don't hold it under a light. That can be a bit disturbing when you want to sleep, at least it was to me at the beginning, but I got use to it. I bought it in Chinese store in Murska Sobota for about 2 € or something like that.

 What do you think of these two polishes? Have you tried any? Thank you for reading!

09. julij 2014

Review: Garnier Eye Make-up Remover 2in1

Before I discovered micellar waters, which I now often use for removing makeup, I was using two-phased makeup removers. My favourite is still Ombia makeup remover, which is available at Hofer, but few weeks ago when I ran out of it and was searching it in our Hofer they didn't have not even one bottle of remover, so I went in DM and grab Garnier eye make-up remover 2in1.

What Garnier says about this product: "Garnier's biphase eye makeup remover has a double action formula to efficiently remove eye makeup (even waterproof), without the need to rub. Enriched with Arginine, it cares for your lashes by leaving a protective layer on them, resulting in visibly less lashes on the cotton pad."

My opinion and experience: The packaging is plastic and transparent and the bottle contains 125 ml. The remover is in purple and transparent color and before you use it you must shake it. It's very gentle and it removes makeup nicely, but here I have to put out that I mostly don't use waterproof makeup (only a black eyeliner). For my everyday makeup I used two cotton pads, one for each eye, but if I wore stronger makeup I had to use additional cotton pads. Since I don't wear waterproof makeup I didn't need to rub my eyes to remove everything. If it cares for the lashes I can't tell, because I always wash my eyes with water after I remove all the makeup (and I wash my my face with cleanser). Since it's not oily it doesn't leave the film in the eyes. What actually bothers me is that I have to shake it a lot during removal process because both parts separate quickly. As you can see on lower photo I mostly used purple part. I don't know how come because I always shake it before putting it on a cotton pad. It didn't irritate my eyes or dry out my under eye area.



I got this product in DM and I payed around 3 or 4 € for it. Although I did like it I probably won't repurchase it again. And 125 ml isn't a lot. If I would use it constantly I'd probably finish it in a month, but as I said I don't use it always because I often use micellar water to remove my eye makeup. But if I will buy another tho-phased remover I'll repurchase Ombia. This product is for you if like two-phased removers and don't use micellar waters to remove eye makeup. 

Have you tried Garnier makeup remover? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!

08. julij 2014

Products That Disappointed Me #2

It's been more than a year since my first Products That Disappointed Me post, which is quite surprising since I love to test new products all the time and there was more than one product during this time that I didn't like. I'm already doing a list for the third post which I hope will be posted soon. On the first photo you can see products I didn't like and now let me tell you why not.

Ruby Kisses Nail Hardener
I had very long nails when I started to use this hardener, but they were peeling like crazy, so I decided to try this products. Well, it didn't help with peeling and it just made the situation worse, because my nails started to brake like crazy. 

 Avon Nail Experts Strong Result
I read many good reviews about this product before I bought it, so I had high expectations. This nail hardener has very liquidy formula and I couldn't use it alone as a base coat, so I started to use it over Essence base coat. After few weeks I didn't notice any results and I stopped using it. Then when I took photos for this post I decided to give it another try to see if I still feel the same way about it and no, I didn't change my mind. 

Terra Naturi 01 Magic Dream
Can I just say that this lipstick has the worse formula I've tried? It's hard, doesn't feel moisturizing, it looks patchy and feels so strange on my lips. And I think it looks horrible on me. I can't say if their other lipsticks are the same, but I don't like this one.

This product is so hyped that I had really high expectations for it and maybe that's the reason that I'm mentioning it in this post. I'm not saying it's horrible product, but I expected it'll do more for my hair. I actually find Avon oil much better, because it makes my hair shinier, smoother and prettier and it's much cheaper. Plus, I don't like the scent of Moroccanoil.

S-he eyeshadow 035 and eyeshadow palette 250
I like the shades and pigmentation of these eyeshadows. 250 is probably the most pigmented S-he palette and it's perfect for natural looks and I also like navy blue eyeshadow, but these disappointed me so much, because they break in a second. 
 Blue eyeshadow broke while I was using it (I pressed a bit harder with the brush) and eyeshadow in palette broke while I was carrying it with me in my makeup bag.I drop many palettes before, I carried many of them with me to Ljubljana and elsewhere as well and with none happened the same. It's crazy how bad formula these have. 

Parisax Bleu Nuage palette
I reviewed this products here. I don't like this palette, because it has five eyeshadows that look pretty similar after blending, they crease on me and fade away quickly. Plus, 10 € I'd expect a better quality.

Balea Deo Roll On Sensitive
This is the worse deodorant I've tried. Always when I used it it felt like I didn't use deodorant at all. It didn't prevent sweating nor bad smell and I had to stop using it.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant Intensive 72h
A deodorant that works 72 hours. I mean, is there anyone that doesn't shower for 72 hours? Crazy. This one worked good at the beginning, but more I used it less I liked it and when I used it like a half of it the roll became all brown and smelling. I can't understand how is this possible, because I was always using it after I took a shower which meant I used it on clean skin. But that turned me away from buying it again.

Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
This one has a bit strange formula, it's so hard to apply and blend evenly on lids. It just sticks on the skin where you put it on the first place and that's why I never like to use it. Sometimes it makes my eyeshadow look patchy. Also, eyeshadows are harder to blend nicely over it. 

Balea Night Cream
Balea doesn't disappoint me often, but this cream is really bad. It should be appropriate for any skin type, but I disagree. It didn't work for me. It didn't moisturize my skin and in the morning when I woke up my skin felt itchy and dry. Definitely not a night skin care anyone would like. 

Have you try any of these products? Thank you for reading!