24. oktober 2014

NOTD: Vintage Flower Desing

After few reviews on my blog it's time for another nail design. Yesterday I made a gorgeous manicure that I just had to share with you. I also haven't done any nail tutorial for ages, so I included one in this post.

Photo1: I started with Manhattan 29Z, a golden metallic shade, which is a great base for this design (and my inspiration for calling it vintage). 
Photo 2: Then I did a saran wrap technique with Catrice First Class Up-Grape. I think most of you already know this technique, but if you don't check out this tutorial.
Photo 3: Then it's was time to draw flowers. The color selection depends on you, but I decided to use a black and white combination. For this step I used white nail polish S-he 115 and a dotting tool. In the middle of the finger I made a flower placing one dot near another, next to it I did a big dot, then again a flower, this time smaller, and in the end two small dots. 
Photo 4: Next step was to repeat everything I did in previous step, just with black color. I used Essie Mind Your Mittens. I placed smaller flowers and dots into bigger white flowers and dots.
Photo 5: I used S-he 115 again and place one small dot in the middle of each flower. 
Photo 6: In the end I used fast drying top coat to seal the manicure. 

And this is the final result. I personally love it a lot. It also has the fall touch because of a golden and a burgundy shade I used. 

Let me know what you think about this manicure. Thank you for reading!

23. oktober 2014

Review: Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

Sometimes I feel like Ličila.si are my fairy godmother. They always surprise me with interesting products. Some time ago I posted a post where I said I haven't try any setting spray yet and after few weeks, when they were sending Slovenian beauty bloggers new products to test, I found a Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray in my package. You can't even imagine my excitement. My expectations weren't high, I actually expected it won't work that well, but it surprised me, because it's really a great product. But have in mind this is my first fixing spray, so I can't compare it with any other and my experiences with fixing sprays aren't huge.

Fixing spray is a last step in a makeup routine. You spray it all over your face when you finish applying makeup and set everything on its place with its help. Before usage you have to shake the bottle and then spray it few times holding it around 20 cm away from your face. Makeup Revolution says about it: "Makeup Revolution amazing fixing spray is a lightweight setting spray that helps keep foundation and eye makeup in place with no smudging or fading for that just-applied look lasting up to 12 hours."

The spray feels wet when I spray it on my face, but it dries fast. After that it doesn't feel stick, wet or anything else, it's like you wouldn't even use it. It sprays evenly and it covers all areas on the face. At the beginning it didn't have any scent, but then after second usage it got a strong scent after alcohol. The scent could be disturbing if you're sensitive on scents. It bothered me big time after first few usages, but with time I got used to it. I tested this spray during few different occasions, although never when it was extremely hot, because this year we didn't have a real summer, and I received it when the temperatures got colder. 
I find that this setting spray works great. My makeup stayed on the place for a whole day. The spray prevents smudging and prolongs the duration of face makeup (not just a foundation, also a concealer and a blush). It also works good on eye makeup, except in extraordinary situations (like crying, rain etc.). On the lips I didn't even test it, because I usually applied lipstick after I used setting spray. It contains Alcohol denat, which dries the skin, but I didn't notice this spray would dry my skin. I have normal skin, so I can't tell how it'll work on oily skin, but as I read on other blogs it doesn't prevent oily skin from becoming oily. 

I'm borrowing an idea of photo test from my lovely Slovenian blogger Mateja. What better way to show you how it works than with photos right after application and 9 hours after application. I used Pro Fix fixing spray on my face around 1 p.m. (photo 1) and then again around 10 p.m. when I came home from work (photo 2, with flash). My foundation faded away a bit, but it was still there, except around the nose where it usually fades away most quickly. When I don't use setting spray foundation almost disappears after 9-10 hours. The concealer stayed untouched and also blush still looks like I would just apply it. My brows didn't smudge or fade away either (it's just the flash). Eye look faded away a bit and it creased, but that's because I used a cream eyeshadow. Lipstick wore off after two hours, but I didn't use setting spray on it anyway, so that doesn't matter.
I'm wearing Catrice All Matt plus Nude Beige foundation mixed with Makeup Revolution The One in shade 1, Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer, Essence Love Brunettes eyeshadow on brows, Maybelline Color Tattoo Permanent Taupe, Catrice Peacocktail and Essence Lash Princess mascara on eyes, and Sleek bronzer, Sleek Rose Gold blush and Essence Look on the Bright Side highlighter on cheeks. Lipstick is Wear Berries from Essence.

Makeup Revolution fixing spray contains 100 ml which is very nice amount, and it costs 6,95 € at Ličila.si. I'd say this is definitely a great setting spray and inexpensive also, so if you don't want to pay a lot of money for setting spray, get this one. It will help your makeup to stay on its place and it'll prevent smudging. 

What's your opinion about setting sprays? Have you tried Makeup Revolution one? Thank you for reading!
*This product was sent to me for review.

22. oktober 2014

Models Own Nail Polishes Swatches

I felt in love with Models Own polishes when I tried Polish for Tans collection. I was eager to try some more polishes since then, but buying nail polish on the internet is always tricky for me, because I have to see the shade in person first to tell if I'm going to like it or not. Recently I received three nail polishes from Slovenian biggest drugstore Click2Chic to test them and tell my opinion about them. I got from Gumball and Rhubarb&Custard from Sweet Shop collection and Amethyst from Velvet Goth collection.

Gumball is a pink scented polish with a cream finish. Its formula is nice, not to thick or too runny and it's opaque in two coats. It smells like bubble gum, very sweet and nice. I like the scent, but the shade just isn't me, that's why I also haven't wore it as a full manicure. But it'll come handy by nail art manicures.

Rhubarb&Custard is a jelly red shade with silver glitter. This one applies like a dream and it needs two coats to be opaque. This one should smell like candies too, but I have to admit I don't smell it. Right after application there's a slight scent presented, but it disappears fast, especially if I use top coat. But the scent doesn't play any role for me by this polish, more important is the shade itself and this baby is just gorgeous. I should probably start testing drying time by polishes, but I got so spoiled with fast drying top coat that I don't wear my manicures without it anymore. So  I can't say much about drying time and a duration time. As you know, polishes don't last on me longer that two days and this one acted the same, so everything depends from the fact how strong your nails are.

Amethyst is a purple shade with purple and silver glitter and bigger pink hexagonal glitter. This polish dries matte, so top coat is needed, if you want to achieve a glossy finish. I have to admit I prefer it glossy, it looks prettier to me. Its formula is ok, no too thick and it applies ok. It's opaque after two coats. This one dries quite fast, but I'd say that also depends a lot on how thick your coats are. I'd say it's better to apply thin coats, because then it'll dry faster. From all three Models Own shades this one is my favourite, because is a gorgeous shade to use for fall/winter skittle manicures. 

Each polish contains 14 ml and they are available on Click2Chic for 5,95 €.

Pred kratkim mi je največja slovenska spletna trgovina Click2Chic poslala v test tri Models Own lake, dva iz kolekcije Sweet Shop (Gumballs in Rhubarb&Custard) in enega iz kolekcije Velvet Goth (Amethyst). Gumball je pink lak s krem finišem, ki diši po Čunga Lunga čigumijih. Težav pri nanosu nisem imela, saj ima ok formulo, ki ni preveč gosta ali preredka. Kako dolgo zdrži vonj na nohtih, ne morem reči, ker ga nikoli nisem nosila dlje kot nekaj minut, ko sem ga fotkala za blog. Če spremljate moj blog že dlje časa, potem veste, da nisem ljubiteljica pink lakov, bo pa seveda prišel prav pri nail artu. Rhubarb&Custard je rdeč lak s srebrnimi bleščicami, ima pa jelly finiš. Tale bi naj dišal po bonbonih, vendar pa priznam, da ne vonjam prav veliko. Takoj po nanosu je vonj prisoten, vendar pa hitro izgine. Nanaša se super, prekriven pa je po dveh slojih. Amethys je moj najljubši od vseh treh, verjetno zato, ker ga rada kombiniram v jesenskih "skittle" manikurah (kot je tale). Je vijoličen odtenek z vijoličnimi in srebrnimi majhnimi bleščicami in večjimi šesterokotnimi bleščicami v pink barvi. Nanos mi ni povzročal težav, lak pa je prekriven v dveh slojih. Suši se mat, za glossy izgled pa je treba nanesti nadlak. Meni osebni je z nadlakom ljubši, ker mi glossy verzija dosti boljše izgleda. Models own laki so na voljo v spletni trgovini Click2Chic za 5,95 € (14 ml).

Have you tried Models Own polishes? What do you think about them? Which shade of these three I showed you is your favourite? Thank you for reading!
*These polishes were sent to me for review. /Te lake sem prejela v oceno.

21. oktober 2014

Review and Swatches: P2 Pure Color Baker Street Lipstick

P2 is a German brand that has similar prices as Essence and Catrice brands. In Germany it's available at DM, but in Slovenia DM sells S-he Stylezone brand, which is far from P2 if we're talking about quality. Till now I posted only nail polishes swatches from P2 brand, but today I'm presenting you my first P2 lipstick which probably isn't the last, because I really love it. I'm talking about Baker Street lipstick from Pure Color Lipstick collection. 

P2 je nemška znamka kozmetike, ki je istega cenovnega razreda kot Essence in Catrice znamki. V Nemčiji jo prodajajo v DM-ih, pri nas pa je namesto nje S-he Stylezone znamka, ki je po kvaliteti daleč za P2. Na mojem blogu ste do sedaj lahko videli že kar nekaj swatchev lakov, ki so res izjemne kvalitete, danes pa vam predstavljam prvo P2 šminko v svoji kolekciji, za katero dvomim, da bo ostala edina, ker me je res navdušila. Govorim seveda o šminki Baker Street iz kolekcije Pure Color Lipstick. P2 znamka je sedaj na voljo v Moji drogeriji, kjer lahko dobite vse od pudrov, lakov, šmink itd. 

Pure Color lipsticks come in a silver glossy packaging with the name written on the bottom of it. The packaging gets dirty fast, because finger prints are visible, but that doesn't bother me. What I like the most about this lipstick is that it has engraved the name of the brand in it. But this one of course disappears after few usages. 

Embalaža Pure Color šmink je srebrna in na dnu je zapisan odtenek šminke. Žal se embalaža hitro umaže, ker se poznajo vsi prstni odtisi, ampak mene osebno to ne moti preveč. Embalaža se mi zdi kvalitetna, šminka se lepo zapre in pokrov se ne odpira, če jo nosim s seboj v torbici. Kar mi je najbolj všeč pri tej šminki, je to, da ima vgravirano ime znamke, ki pa seveda po nekaj uporabah izgine. 

Baker Street is a raspberry red shade with shiny or wet look on the lips. The pigmentation is amazing, only one swipe is needed to cover a whole lip. Of course application must be a bit more careful, because this is a bright shade and all mistakes are visible immediately. It has a nice creamy formula. On lips it feels amazing, it moisturizes them, but on the other hand it also feels light, like I'm not wearing anything. What amazed me the most by this lipstick is the duration time. It lasted around 6 hours on my lips together with a stain. 6 hours!  How can I tell it lasted so long? Well, I applied it at 4 p.m. when I was preparing myself for work and when I came home at 10 p.m. there was still an even stain on my lips. I mean, I'm amazed. Of course it'll transfer on a glass if you'll drink, but it won't wear off so easily. I wore it to work few times and it also survived a meal. I mean, it wore off a bit, but an even stain was left on my lips. I really can't believe how long it lasts, because if lipsticks lasts four hours on my lips that's already a lot. It actually leaves a strong stain, which is probably the reason of its longevity, because when I swatched it on my hand I was trying to remove it with a wipe for removing makeup and the stain just didn't want to go off of my hand. 

Baker Street je malinasto rdeča šminka z izjemno kremno teksturo, ki izgleda sijoče na ustnicah oz., kot pravijo pri P2, ima "wet look" finiš. Pigmentacija šminke je izjemna, za prekrivnost na ustnicah je dovolj že en poteg s šminko, seveda pa moramo biti pri nanosu pazljivi, ker gre za živo barvo in pri takih se vsaka napaka hitro pozna. Šminka ustnice zelo dobro navlaži in ne poudarja suhih predelov, kar mi je pa zelo všeč, je tudi to, da je čutiti precej lahka, kot da na ustnicah ne nosim ničesar. Najbolj me je pa seveda navdušila obstojnost, skupaj s stainom zdrži na mojih ustnicah okrog 6 ur. Tako je, 6 ur, kar je izjemno, ker mi tako dolgo ne zdrži nobena drogerijska šminka. Nanesla sem jo okrog 16 h popoldne, ko sem se ličila za v službo, in ko sem se okrog 22 h zvečer vrnila domov, so bile moje ustnice še vedno enakomerno rahlo obarvane v pink barvo. Šminka res pušča močan stain, verjetno tudi zato tako dolgo zdrži. Ko sem jo swatchala na roki, sem jo z robčkom za odstranjevanje ličil s težavo očistila dol, tako močan stain je pustila. Nekajkrat sem jo nosila v službo, kjer je celo preživela malico (sijaj je izginil z ustnic, je pa barva še vedno ostala enakomerno razporejena po celih ustnicah). Ko pijem, se seveda prenese na kozarec, vendar pa ne izgine z ustnic, kot se mi zna zgoditi z nekaterimi drugimi šminkami. 

I love, love, love how this shade looks on me. Of course this is more of a spring/summer shade, because it's bright and vivid shade, but I love to wear it now in fall, specially because of its amazing duration time.

Obožujem ta odtenek na sebi, res. Čeprav se mi zdi, da gre bolj za pomladen oz. poletni odtenek, ker je taka lepa živa barva, pa ga z velikim veseljem nosim tudi sedaj v jesenskem času, ker me njegova obstojnost preprosto navdušuje. 

P2 Pure Color lipsticks are available at Moja drogerija for 3,50€ and that's a bargain if you ask me, because you get 4,5g of an amazing lipstick (if you'll get a Baker Street. I haven't try others yet, so I can't say how good they are). Also check Sanja's (shade Kärtnerstrasse) and Daniela's (shade Mulholland Drive) posts to see, what they think about lipsticks they got. 

P2 Pure Color šminke so na voljo v Moji drogeriji, kjer boste za eno šminko, ki vsebuje 4,5 g izdelka, plačale 3,50 €. Cena se mi zdi glede na odlično kvaliteto res nizka. Predlagam, da preverite še oceni Sanje, ki je preizkusila odtenek Kärtnerstrasse in Danijele, ki je preizkusila odtenek Mulholland Drive.

Have you try any P2 lipstick, what do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
Ste že preizkusile katero P2 šminko? Kaj menite o tem odtenku? Hvala za pozornost!
*I received this product for review purposes./ Ta izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno.

20. oktober 2014

Searching for a Perfect Mascara

I know there's no such thing like a perfect mascara, at least not for me, because every one has its own pluses and minuses. Let me tell you about my lashes first. I have long, straight and rare lashes. What I search by mascara is a volume. I use a curler by makeup looks, but for this post I didn't use it, because I wanted to show you how each mascara acts on its own. The funniest thing I learned today while I was swatching mascaras on my eyes is that the best mascaras look the worse on swatches, but the best with makeup looks in person when you're not taking photos. Also, maybe my swatches of mascaras on eyes don't look the best, but that's the only way I know how to do it. Of course this post isn't meant to be a detailed review of each mascara, I just wanted to share my opinion with you about each, what I like and what I don't like about them.

Collistar Infinito mascara
Collistar mascara has a plastic wand with small bristles. I really do like this mascara, because it curles my lashes and it gives them a nice volume, although still not as amazing as Essence I Love Extreme. The mascara is not as wet as Essence one, but still more than others (for example Miyo). It lasts all day with minimal smudging (sometimes I have black spots under my eyes). The removal is very easy and the mascara doesn't irritate my eyes. I definitely do like this one a lot. The only thing that doesn't makes me happy is the price, which is around 20 € (11 ml) and that's a lot for a mascara that you have to change every few months.

Max Factor Excess Volume mascara
Gosh, this is the worse mascara I tried. It has two parts with two different mascaras. First part should give an amazing volume to lashes and second should make them black as night. I won't say this mascara doesn't give any volume to lashes, but it's so unpleasant to wear. At the beginning it was very wet and it stuck lashes together. Now it became drier, but on lashes it still acts the same. When it drys a bit I have a feeling, that it sticks my lashes together when I close my eyes. It crumbles falls off after some time of wearing, I had a lot small black dots under my eyes which isn't really flattering. It's also hard to remove as hell. I have to rub my eyes if I want to get it off completely, which I hate. I received this mascara from Cosmopolitan for a poll they were doing when mascara came out and I never checked its price, so I can't be certain, but I'd say it's around 10 €. It contains 20 ml (each part 10 ml).

Essence The Lash Curler mascara
This is a mascara that should give a volume to lashes, curl and separate them. Well, it's a bit drier mascara and I'd say it's more appropriate for people who like natural look. It gives a bit color to the lashes, but no volume, it curles them a bit and separates them. It's definitely not one of my favourites, because I love mascaras that give volume to my lashes. It's also easy to remove. 10 ml costs around 3€, but I'd say it's not worth the money. 

Essence I Love Extreme mascara
This is definitely my favourite mascara. There are actually two bottles of I Love Extreme mascara, a black and a pink one, and there actually isn't any difference between them, except in brush. The pink one has a plastic and smaller brush, and I find it easier to work with as with black one which has a bigger brush. At the beginning is very wet and I know some people have problems with that, but it doesn't bother me much. I just wipe it off and then apply it, because otherwise it can stick lashes together. This one gives my lashes the most amazing volume. If I don't use a curler it curles lashes a bit, but unfortunately it doesn't hold curles the best when I use a curler. It falls out a bit, because I sometimes find black dots under my eyes, but otherwise it doesn't smudge and gave me panda eyes. Another Essence mascara that costs around 3€, few cents more or less (12 ml), but this one has much better quality as you'd expect judging by the price.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Ultra Black mascara
I already wrote about this mascara before. This is definitely a mascara that didn't offer me anything. It curls lashes only a tiny bit, it gives a little bit of color and no volume. It has pretty dry formula, maybe because of that. It also smudges after few hours. The removal is easy. You can read more about it here: CLICK. This mascara is available at Ličila.si and you'll pay 2,95€ for 5 ml.

Miyo Smokey Big Fat Smoky Lashes mascara
What I've tried from Miyo so far impressed me quite a lot for such an inexpensive brand so I decided to give a go to this mascara. First impression was very good. It has a plastic wand that has longer bristles than Collistar mascara. It lenghtenst the lashes, curles them very nicely, doesn't stick them together - it actually separates them amazingly, better than any other I'm talking about today, but I wish it would gave them a tiny bit more volume. I do like to wear this mascara when I don't wear an eyeliner, but otherwise I prefer using Essence one. It doesn't fall out and it's easy to remove. I bought this mascara at Nama in Ljubljana for around 5€. It contains 10 ml of product.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara
Another mascara that should give a volume to lashes, but I'd say that this mascara gives more aof a natural look to lashes than anything else. It separates the lashes and makes them longer, but that's about it for my lashes. I know some girls really love it, but I like to use it manly in a combination with other mascaras. Otherwise, it didn't gave me panda eyes and it's easy to remove. This mascara contains 9 ml and it's available at Yves Rocher for 14,08€.

From all mascaras I showed you today I like the most Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara, my second favourite is Collistar Infinito (but too expensive) and I also like Miyo Big Fat Smoky Lashes mascara (for separating lashes). All others I'll skip from now on. 

Which ones is your favourite mascara? Thank you for reading!

Essence&Catrice Giveaway

Ladies, as I said in my post about Cosnova event, all the goodies weren't just for me, because two of you will get a chance to enjoy in Essence&Catrice beauty products as well. I decided to put together two prizes with 11 products each. The rules won't be complicated, it's open international and the only mandatory thing is to fill the Rafflecopter form and answer to the question I'm asking you in a form. You can enter for both prizes (question is the same), but of course you can win only one. The winners will have two days to claim the prize after I'll announce them on my blog and Facebook page, otherwise I'll choose another winner(s).  

Prize 1:
- Essence Silky blush Autumn Peach
- Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow Al Burgundy
- Essence Nail Art Hello Foils! graffiti look transfer foil
- Essence Nail Art Hello Foils! transfer solution
- Essence lipliner Femme Fatale
- Essence Effect lipgloss Jewels in a Bottle
- Catrice Volumizing lip booster
- Essence Adorable Matt lipstick
- Catrice My Satin Ballet Shoes nail polish
- Catrice Holo, Que Tal? nail polish
- Essence Nail Art sparkling sand top coat

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize 2: 
- Essence Gel Nails at Home primer&cleanser
- Essence Gel Nails at Home French Peel off gel base&top coat
- Essence Gel Nails at Home Clear Peel off gel base&top coat
- Catrice Ombre top coat
- Essence I Love Magic nail polish
- Essence Gloss Lipbalm Raspberry Sorbet
- Essence Glow in the Night Click&Go Nails
- Essence Soo Glow cream to powder highlighter Bright Up Your Life
- Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow Vanillaty Fair
- Essence Effect lipgloss Oh La La
- Catrice Tinted Lip Glow

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, everyone!

19. oktober 2014

Poppy Nails

Lately the weather is so nice and "summery" here that I love to wear flower designs again. I always love when Tina from Born Pretty Store allows me to choose items for nail art, because they have so many gorgeous stuff and I always choose something I really love. Well, usually, because with these poppy water decals I actually have a love-hate relationship. The design is amazing, I could never do a free-hand nail art of poppies like this, but the application was a real PITA. I never had problems with water decals from Born Pretty Store till now. First I had to trim these decals, but that wasn't a problem at all. The problem began when I had to place them on nails. I followed all the instructions how to apply water decals (check them here), but they just didn't want to stick on the nails. The solution was that I had to have dry nails and wait that the decal dried a bit, then place it on nails and immediately apply a top coat, so that the decal stayed on place. That's why my application doesn't look as nice as usual. I was so disappointed with the application, because otherwise poppy decals are amazing. People loved my nails, I got many compliments. I applied them over Essie Blanc (nail polish was completely dry). The removal was easy, I used nail polish remover and they went off fast. 

These water decals are available on Born Pretty Store for $1.99. Don't forget to use my coupon code for 10% discount if you're going to shop in Born Pretty Store. 

Have you tried these water decals? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
*This product was sent to me for review.

17. oktober 2014

Essence and Catrice Event 2014

My dear readers, today I have very exciting post for you. On Wednesday I was invited on Essence and Catrice event for the second time. This one was bigger than last year's onem which is more exciting because that means I manage to meet more Slovenian beauty bloggers, and of course, to see again the ones I met last year. The event was happening in the While Hall in the Ljubljana Castle. Before the event we went on a caffe in Daktiri and after an hour of chatting we went together on the event. The hall looked amazing, there were stands with products all around the place and there was a table with food (which looked delicious, but I ate only sweets :P). At the beginning Cosnova team welcomed us and then there was an official presentation of Essence and Catrice brands. After presentation they told us we can pick 10 products we'll take home with us and you can't even imagine how hard it is to pick ten products in those huge assortments. I personally had a WL before already, because I planned to buy some of the products and now I got the change to take them here and test. The most fun part of the event for me was chatting with co-bloggers. I get a chance to see them in person so rarely and there are so many Slovenian bloggers I admire and I finally got a chance to meet them in person and to talk with them. It was really an amazing day. The biggest surprise followed when we were going home. Each of us got two more bags, full of Essence and Catrice goodies and I couldn't believe my eyes how many amazing stuff we got. I know I'm not very chatty today, I actually don't feel the best (I think I catch a cold), so rather take a look at photos from the event. 

Sara from Passing Fancy, me and Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog

Aaaaaand here they are, all the pretty products we received. It's really amazing and I can't wait to test everything and tell you what I think about each product (of course, not everything is for me, I'm going to do a giveaway soon). Each product will be named and presented in New in post (but of course if you want me to test and review a product you're very interested in as quickly as I can, let me know in a comment below).

Ok, I also have to show you my current manicure. I'm wearing Catrice First Class Up-Grape and Essence Icy Fairy over Essie Mind Your Mittens on my accent nail. Essence glittery polish is really amazing, it will definitely get its own post soon, and I also love the shade of Catrice polish, but the brush. It's just the worse, the shape is something that can't be named even if you'd try to find it a name. Catrice has to do something with brushes of their nail polishes.  

Here you can check posts of other bloggers:
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Thanks to Cosnova for inviting me on this event and thank you for watching!