16. september 2014

New Highlighters in my Collection

Glowy skin is something I adore during a whole year. Lately I purchased few new highlighters and today I'm presenting them to you all in one post. I though it's better idea to talk about them in one post, then review each separately. Highlighters I'm going to talk about are Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love, Terra Naturi Golden Highlight and Essence Soo Glow Look on the Bright Side. They are very different, so they are a nice addition to my collection.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love 
Can I just say, how cute the packaging looks. It's in a shape of a heart and it's one of the cutest packagings in my collection. This is a tripple baked highlighter, as Makeup Revolution says. It's a pinkish shimmery highlighter with not such good pigmentation as Terra Naturi or Essence, but it can be built up. It has very smooth texture and it's not too shimmery, so it looks amazing on skin. I personally find this amazing to use when you take photos. In person it's not very noticeable, but on photos it shows its true shine. You get 10 g for 5,95 €. It's available on Ličila.si

Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder Golden Highlight
Terra Naturi is not a brand I would be very fond of. I tried few products from them and none impressed me, so I was avoiding their assortment. But Petra from Adjusting Beauty raved so much about this highlighter and it looked so amazing on her swatches, that I decided to give it ago. It's a golden highlighter with great pigmentation. You only need to apply a tiny bit of product and it's already visible. At the beginning I wasn't much of a fan, it had to much brown in it (if I compared it with Essence Gold Digger, which is my favourite highlighter), but when I tried a combination with bronzer only, I was amazed. This combination is really gorgeous and although the summer is over, I'll keep using that combo further (at least until my tan won't go away and I'll become a Snow White again). This highlighter is baked as well and it has a smooth formula as Makeup Revolution highlighter. It doesn't contain any shimmer and it blends into the skin amazing. I think this product is a part of LE, but as I saw it's still available in Müller, where you can get it for 3,99 €. You will get 7 g of product. 

Essence Soo Glow! Look on the Bright Side
This is a new highlighter in their standard range and I bought it when preview collection came out. It's my first creamy highlighter and it's in a beigy shade. Its pigmentation is amazing and it's not streaky at all. It can be applied with fingers or a brush, but I find it easier bleandable with a brush. This highlighter is not the most flattering for taking photos, but in person it looks amazing. If I recommend using Makeup Revolution when you take photos, I recommend this one to use when you want to make your skin glowy and noticeable from far. This one does contain a tiny shimmer, which is not overwhelming on face at all. I got Essence highlighter in Műller for 2,99 € (4 g). 

Here are swatches side by side to show you how different they look. My favourite from all three is Essence. I actually never talk about longevity by highlighters, but by all three I noticed that they were still on my face after I came home from work, so they don't fade away that quickly. 

Which highlighter of these three do you like the most? Thank you for reading!

15. september 2014

NOTD: Geometric Green

When studs became popular I was hating them. I said to myself I'll never use them as a part of nail art, but now I'm completely in love with them. How quickly can things change. When Essence released Yes, We Pop collection I knew I want those pretty studs (well, hello, they are neon) and luckily they aren't so popular by us, so I was able to get them. To use green studs on my nails first was a random choice, but to use China Glaze Highlight of my Summer wasn't, because one of my favourite polishes from last year's summer was way to much neglected this year. It's just the pretties shade of green, what can I say. Of course beside studs I'm also kinda obsessed with striping tape. I use it a lot (you probably noticed that on Instagram). For this manicure I placed tape randomly on my nails, but in the end I loved the result. Polishes I used on ring and middle finger are Essie Blanc and Essence Exits on Your Right. 

What do you think about studs, yay or nay? What about my manicure? Thank you for reading!

14. september 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014: Day 8 - Day 14

Day 8: Metallic nails
- Manhattan 77Z
- Manhattan 29Z
- Models Own Flip Flop
- striping tape

Day 9: Rainbow nails
- Flormar 423
- Essence My Yellow Fellow
- Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
- orange Beauty UK polish
- Essence Bloom-a-Loom
- Essie Blanc
- Essence stamping plate

Day 10: Gradient nails
- Essence My Yellow Fellow
- Essence Yeah, Copacabana
- Essence Inti Inka
- Catrice Lucky in Lilac
- Essence My Little Orchid
- Essie Mind Your Mittens
- Flormar 390
- Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
- Essie Blanc

Day 11: Polka dots
- Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
- Flormar 423
- Essie Blanc

Day 12: Stripes
- Essie Blanc
- Depend 35
- striping tape
- Essence Yes, We Pop! studs

Day 13: Animal print
- Models Own Flip Flop
- Catrice Eletrix Blue
- Essie Mind Your Mittens
- Essence striping tape
- Essence stamping plate

Day 14: Flowers
- Essie Blanc
- Essie Fiji
- Flormar 423
- Born Pretty Store water decals G102C

Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

12. september 2014

Review and Swatches: Alverde Jungle Fever Shimmering Bronzer

I was never much bronzers. One of the reason is because I wasn't really sure how to use them. Not like it's a big science or something. I watched few Youtube videos and decided to give them a go. First I purchased Sleek Face Form kit and loved their bronzer for contouring. Then I bought Elf bronzer, which didn't really amazed me, but I'll give it another chance. In DM recently started to sell new Alverde LE collection Colorful Paradise and bronzer looked amazing, so I purchased it and was plesently surprised.

P.S. If you're wondering what's wrong with my photos, I had a bad photo session day and all of the photos from that day came out too blue. I had to photoshop them to make them look good enough for posting, but I'm still not very satisfied with them. Unfortunately I swatched all products before I saw photos and I don't like using photos of used products for reviews, so in few upcoming posts there will be more photos with similar light.  

Bronzer is called Jungle Fever Shimmering Bronzer and it's packed into a sturdy round plastic packaging with transparent lid. Bronzer itself is made from colorful shimmery hexagonals. Together these gave an shimmery brown shade. When I swatched it I was a bit afraid, that it'll be too dark for me, specially because it's very pigmented, but it all depends from an application. I like to apply it with a stippling brush, because application is lighter and then I can build it up, if I want. It's also easy bleandable. Although it contains shimmer, the shimmer isn't noticeable much on my face, which I like a lot, because in that case a combination with highlighter looks amazing. I specially like the combination with golden highlighter (Terra Naturi Golden Highlight). What really amazed me by this bronzer is that it lasts for hours on my face. I usually apply it in the morning and if I remove my makeup after 10, 11 hours it's still on. 

And a swatch on my face. First photo is a close up and second one is from far. I'm wearing only this bronzer, no blush and no highlighter. As you can see, it doesn't look as brown on face as on heavy swatch on upper photo, because it's easy bleandable and also buildable. I do like a lot how this bronzer looks on my tanned face. I'm a bit afraid that it won't suit my pale skin during the winter, but in that case this will be my summery product and in winter I'll continue using Sleek bronzer for contouring. 

The packaging is really huge, it contains 23 g, which will last me a life time. I payed around 5 € for it, which is really cheap for such an amount of product. Alverde is available only in DM, and as much as I saw yesterday, this collection is still available, so you can still get this bronzer if you like it.

What do you think? Are you a fan of bronzers or not too much? Thank you for reading!

11. september 2014

Makeup on a Budget: My Top 5 Eyeshadow Brands

I've been thinking for a longer time to do some posts about drugstore purchases or better said budget purchases. In a drugstore there are many products that are a hit or a total miss and since I tried quite few products that impressed me, I thought to share them with you, specially if you're a makeup beginner and you don't want to spend a whole lot of money on makeup. I'll do two or three posts, it depend from the longevity of each, but I decided to do a separate post with eyeshadows. As you know they are very special part of my makeup, very adored, and since I tried - I can say - a lot of them, I'll talk about my favourites today. But of course I haven't tried all drugstore and inexpensive eyeshadows or other makeup ... There have been written posts like this before, be bloggers have different experience, we live in different countries which means we tried different makeup brands, so I think posts like this are always welcome. One thing I also have to mention - when I'm talking about eyeshadows, I mean mono eyeshadows and palettes as well.

Sleek palettes
Sleek palettes are on the top of my favourite list of eyeshadows. Their quality is amazing, and not just that, Sleek also has big selection, so anyone can find a palette for themselves. My favourite palette is Storm, which has eyeshadows with matte and shimmery finish and the shades are neutral and dark, so it's appropriate for day and night looks. Other everyday palette is Au Naturel. I don't have it, but from the swatches on other blogs I'd say it's a perfect palette for everyone who is just starting with makeup (you probably want to wear more natural looks at the beginning) and of course for everyone who prefers neutral looks. Sleek eyeshadows are always nicely pigmented, easy to apply, blend and last whole day on lids (sometimes they do crease, but that depends from each eyeshadows, for example matte colorful shades can crease quicker than shimmery ones etc.). Shimmery eyeshadows fall out, but there are more than one solution to this: 1. do your eyes before foundation, 2. use a wet wipe to clean all fall out from your face and re-apply foundation under your eyes or 3. use a tissue under your eyes when you're applying eyeshadows. 
The other thing I like about Sleek palettes a lot is the packaging. They come in a sturdy matte black packaging with a big mirror inside. Each palette has 12 eyeshadows and in Slovenia you can get one palette for around 12 €, it depends where you buy it. They are available on Ličila.si, Moja drogerija, Zapikonai, Click2Chic.

Swatches of palettes I own: ChaosVintage Romance CuracaoStorm, Ultra Mattes V2 DarksAcid.

I tried few MUA palettes, but none impressed me a lot, only Undressed. This is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked 1, which has my favourite shades from all three. Undressed has 12 eyeshadows, mostly shimmery, that are great for everyday looks and smokey eyes. Eyeshadows are easy bleandable, pigmented, longlasting, don't crease. I definitely think this is a perfect palette for someone who's just starting with makeup. It was available on Ličila.si for a long time, but as I see now they don't sell this brand anymore, so you may also try Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 which is basically the same palette, since is a dupe for Naked 1 as well. It's inexpensive, it costs only 6 €.

Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows
Creamy eyeshadows can be used alone or as a base for powder eyeshadow. Maybelline has great ones. I own three Color Tattoo shades: On and on Bronze, Pomegranate Punk and Permanent Taupe. On and on Bronze is a shimmery shade that I like to use alone on lids with addition of mascara on lashes. What I love about these is that they can be applied with fingers or with an eyeshadow brush. Pigmentation is very nicely, although Pomegranate Punk is a bit sheerer than other two. They have such a great formula that blends easy, but the problem can be, that they can crease if you wear them alone (it depends if you have oily lids or not). But I noticed that if I used them as secondary base (which means I apply powder eyeshadow over them) they don't crease. I think there are around 6 shades available in Slovenia and you can get them in any drugstore that has Maybelline stand. Price is around 5 €.

Miyo eyeshadows
When it comes to matte eyeshadows, Miyo has the best ones I tried. It's true I mostly have colorful ones and one brown, but the selection is big, they have 40 mono eyeshadows, from amazingly pigmented white and black to browns for daily looks and colorful ones for more daring ones. They do fall out, but they look amazing on eyes, even after many hours and I didn't had problems with creasing at all. These eyeshadows are available only in Nama, so if you'll visit Ljubljana, I recommend a stop there, specially because they cost less than 2 €. Unfortunately I don't have swatches of these eyeshadows. I thought I already reviewed them, but I haven't, so that needs to be done soon.

Wet n Wild is a new brand on Slovenian market, but if you'll check Destination Pretty store you'll see their selection of palettes isn't bad at all. They have mono eyeshadows, trio palettes and palettes with 8 eyeshadows. My favourite is Comfort Zone, a palette with 8 eyeshadows, that are perfect for delicate daily looks. They also have engraved a purpose on each eyeshadows which is amazing for beginners, so that they'll know, where to put any eyeshadow, but of course that doesn't mean it needs to be used only on that part of the eye. Pigmentation, blending, application, longevity - I have no complaints here. Comfort Zone costs 8,48 € and it's available on Destination Pretty.

I bet you tried many other brands that you love as well, so I'd be happy if you'd share your choices with my readers in a comment below or even in your own post. Be sure to tell me your opinion about my choices as well. Thank you for reading!

07. september 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014: Day 1 - Day 7

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you know I joined 31 day nail art challenge this September. I wasn't really sure about this challenge since my working schedule will be a bit crazy for the next two months, but I was thinking about doing this challenge again for the last few weeks and I just had to do it now. I won't post each manicure in its separate post, because I doubt I'll have time to do that every day, so I decided to post a recap each Sunday or Monday to show you what I did last week. I won't ramble a lot about each manicure, I'll just share with you in all the necessary informations (meaning which polishes I used for each manicure).

Day 1: Red nails
- OPI Did You 'Ear about Van Gogh
- Essie Toggle to the Top
- Essence Redvolution
- NYX Sexy Plum
- Barry M Blood Orange
- Yes Love 57
- Essie Mind Your Mittens

Day 2: Orange nails
- GT Cosmetics No 2
- Essie Blanc
- Essence studs Yes, We Pop! LE

Day 3: Yellow nails
- Essie Blanc
- Depend 35
- Essie Mind Your Mittens

Day 4: Green nails
- H&M Bella's Choise
- Essie Blanc
- Essence nail art glitter mix
- Born Pretty Store plate M71

Day 5: Blue nails
- Flormar 423
- Anny Dream On
- Essence studs Yes, We Pop! LE

Day 6: Purple nails
- Catrice Plum me up Scotty
- Misslyn Las Vegas
- purple from Beauty Uk Urban Girl set
H&M Plum
- H&M Bella's Choise
- OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh
- Konad M78 plate

Day 7: Black and white nails
- Essie Blanc
- Essie Mind Your Mittens
- Golden Rose Jewel Jewels 118

And here you can see all the themes you'll see in the future on my blog. 

What do you think of these manicures and the challenge? Thank you for reading!

06. september 2014

FOTD: Colorful

Nothing makes me in a better mood on gloomy days than playing with colors. It can be on nails or on eyes. Well, this time was on eyes. I don't remember the last time I was playing with eyeshadows and creating a colorful makeup look. It was for ever. I took two Sleek palettes with bright eyeshadows Acid and Curacao and had no idea, what will came out in the end, when I started, but the final result actually came out pretty good, I loved it. 

The main focus was on eyes, so I used a lot of colors and combined them with nude lips. On lids I used few neon shades (yellow, orange, pink), under which I applied white base to make them more pop out. I wasn't sure if I should use something neutral or blue in crease and on browbone, but in the end I decided for blue, after all it was meant to be very colorful look, and liked the combination a lot. Under my eyes I used purple eyeshadow and of course black eyeliner which is a must with colorful looks. 

Products I used:
- Catrice All Matt Plus Nude Beige foundation
- Makeup Revolution The One shade 1 foundation
- Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer Natural Beige
- Maybelline Instant Anti Age Effect Fair concealer
- Alverde Jungle Fever shimmering bronzer
- Essence Ap-ri(c)ot blush
- Essence Soo Glow Look on the Bright Side highlighter

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Curacao palette (Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Epresso Martini)
- Sleek Acid palette (neon yellow, orange, pink and purple)
- NYX Milk jumbo pencil
- Alverde Extreme Black gel eyeliner
- Catrice kajal pencil
- Essence Lift Me Up! highlighter (How to Make Brows Wow palette)
- Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara

 - Essence Natural Beauty

What do you think of this look? Thank you for reading!

04. september 2014

Review and Swatches: Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette

You can't imagine how happy I was when our Müller got big 3 m stand, because that meant all new products that were available and we couldn't get them before. Most of those I wanted were sold out, but the shelf with their palettes was full. I was deciding between blush and brow palette for a long time, but in the end I decided for a brow palette, because I have many blushes and those in Essence palette were similar to those I already own. 

The packaging of this palette is a cardboard, but it seems sturdy enough, but probably not the best for traveling. The design outside is very cute, it's brown with animal print and a cloud where the name of a palette is. Then around the box there are little paws. When you open a palette, you find a mirror inside. Thank god Essence discovered that mirrors are useful in palettes. Then there are four eyeshadows inside, three for eyebrows and one highlighter. You also get tweezers and a double side brush, but I find both products unnecessary. Tweezers are useless, because it's impossible to trim brows with them. 

Three eyeshadows for brows are called Love Blondes, Love 'em All and Love Brunettes. These are all matt, but the pigmentation is very different. Love Blondes is a light brown shade and it's not very good pigmented. This one could look good on blonde ladies. Love 'em All is a brown shade with even stronger orange undertone and better pigmented, but I definitely do not think it's appropriate for everyone. I'd say it'll look good on your if your hair is red or with reddish/orange undertone. Last one Love Brunettes is my favourite. It's dark brown shade, good pigmented and it suits my brows the best. Still, it's not the perfect match, but good enough. But my all time favourite thing in this palette is a highlighter Lift Me Up! It's a light vanilla, almost white looking shimmery eyeshadow with such an amazing pigmentation. It's a bit powdery, but I don't mind that. 

I tried all three shades on my brows. On first photo I used Love Brunettes and highlighter Lift Me Up!, on second Love 'em All and on third Love Brunettes. As you can see first two shades are too bright for me. Last one suits me the best, although here I applied it a bit more lightly. Eyeshadows for brows are definitely very nice, because they can be applied lightly and built up, they are not powdery and even after hours of wear they stay on place and don't fade away. 

And of course I also have to show you full face makeups with these eyebrow shades, so you'll better imagine, how they look on me.

And another makeup look, where I used Love Brunettes eyeshadow for brows and Lift Me Up! highlighter.

The palette contains 6 g and it's available in Müller for 6,29€. I definitely like the packaging design a lot, although I think the packaging itself isn't the most practical, since it's too big for traveling or to carry it with you in your makeup bag in purse. Highlighter is amazing and the quality of eyeshadows isn't bad at all, but it can happen than none of the shades will suit you, specially id you have very dark brows. I luckily found the shade that matches my brows (Love Brunettes) and lately I love to use it when I'm doing my makeup. I'd say this palette is very nice to play with, but if you're searching for a practical eyebrow product, it definitely isn't for you.

What do you think of this palette? Thank you for reading!