19. december 2014

Blogmas 2014: The Christmas Red

So this is Christmas, I hope you have fun … This song from John Lennon is playing in my head all the time since Monday, when I posted two Christmassy manicures. Well, because Christmas is all about red color (beside golden and green) to me I decided to do a theme post which will be mainly focused on red color. I’m going to show you some of my red choices from my collection for nails, cheeks, lips and random/other and try to decide what I’m going to wear on Christmas day on my nails and face. 

Paint those nails red
Although I adore red nail polishes I don’t wear them much, but on Christmas my nails are always painted in red. I went through my collection and chose 16 shades of red that would be a perfect choice for a Christmas day. Some of them are cream, but most of them are shimmery or they even contain glitter. Last year I wore H&M Je T’Aime on my nails and I’m seriously considering wearing it again this year. It’s simply amazing red shade with golden shimmer. 

My other choices are:
Creams: Essence Naughty or Nice (bright red with pink undertone), Barry M Blood Orange (dark red), Essence Juicy Red (classic red), Catrice Rockby (berry red).
Shimmers: NYX Girls Fire Amber, S-he 435, Maybelline 145, unnamed Vollare, Alessandro Lucious Brocade, Catrice ARTful Red, H&M Je T’Aime.
Glitters: Catrice Lovely Sinner, Catherine Arley 1100, Models Own Rhubarb and Custard, Essie Toggle to the Top, Essence Never Stop Dreaming

(Non)kissable lips
Red lips are one of my favourite to wear. Yes, they are not very kissable, but they are flattering to my skin tone. From my collection I chose different shades of lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses with different finishes. For Christmas day I’ll probably choose a combination of a lip liner and a lipstick, and the finish will be most definitely matt. I seriously love Look by Bipa lip liners and at the moment my favourite shade is Orchid, which is a dark red shade. It’s really gorgeous and its formula is amazing, creamy and long lasting. I’m thinking about applying Bourjois Frambourjoise over it, because Rouge Velvet lipsticks aren’t drying and last long, or even Essence Adorable Matt, which is one of my favourite red lipsticks. I also love Catrice Fatal, but I want matt lips, because I’ll probably wear shimmery eyeshadows on my eyes. 

Blushing like a strawberry
I definitely have some gorgeous reddish blushes in my collection. If my lips will be red, why not also cheeks? Okay, I won’t exaggerate with application, I’ll just give my cheeks nice rosy effect. I think I only have two true red blushes in my collection, Essence Renesmee Red and Catrice I’m a Survivor. Others have a bit pink undertone in them, as Catrice Gone with the Wind and Alverde Rose, or are plumy, as Sleek Pomegranate and Maybelline 501. Last two are also on the top of my favourite blushes list, so in the end I’ll probably go with one of them. 

And for the end I also chose few of other stuff in red colors. I have only one sweater in red color. Yes, you heard that right. Only one and I can’t believe it, because I adore red clothes. From jewelry I have one necklace and two earrings that I love, but I’ll probably go with necklace. And I added Santa’s lip scrub, because during fall and winter time my lips are drier and it’s important to do peeling on lips before using a matt lipstick, otherwise dry parts can be noticeable and then lips don’t look perfect. 

These are few of my red products/stuff from my collection. What about you, are you a fan of red color? Thank you for reading!

18. december 2014

Blogmas: Models Own Copacabana and Carat Coral

I wrote about Models Own polishes before on my blog. Recently I added two more polishes to my collection and today I wanted to show their swatches to you. They are called Copacabana and Carat Coral and I think they both suit December festive atmosphere very good.

O Models Own lakih sem že večkrat pisala na blogu in ni skrivnost, da jih obožujem. Pred kratkim sem dodala še dva njihova laka zbirki in tokrat vam predstavljam njune swatche. Gre za laka Copacabana in Carat Coral in zdi se mi, da oba zelo primerna za to praznično decembrsko vzdušje. 

Both shades are right up my alley and both shades were used in Christmas manicures before. Copacabana is from collection Disco Pants and Carat Coral from collection Diamond Luxe. Polishes have different formula and different brush. Copacabana has a round brush, while Carat Coral has a flat brush. I have to say I prefer flat brushes; the application is much easier with them if you ask me.

Oba odtenka sta mi prekrasna in oba sem že uporabila kot del božične manikire. Copacabana je iz kolekcije Disco Pants, Carat Coral pa iz kolekcije Diamond Luxe. Laka imata različno formulo, finiš in čopič. Copacabana ima okrogel čopič, medtem ko ima Carat Coral ploščat čopič, ki je tudi eden mojih najljubših, saj omogoča preprost nanos. 

Copacabana is a pale golden foil shade that actually looks like a silver-gold shade. It’s much pigmented and its application is a bit demanding, because brush strokes are visible. I usually apply very thin first coat (I have to clean the brush from nail polish throat quite good, otherwise the coat is thicker) and then a bit thicker second coat. But this polish would be opaque already after one thicker coat. I chose this shade, because it’s perfect for this festive season and I also used it as a part of one of my favourite manicure I did for Christmas challenge. This one also dries quite quickly, so it’s perfect as a base for creating nail art. 

Copacabana je zlat odtenek s srebrnim podtonom in ima "foil" finiš. Je zelo pigmentiran, zaradi finiša pa je nanos malce bolj zahteven, saj so hitro vidne sledi čopiča. Sama ponavadi najprej skušam nanesti čim tanjši prvi sloj, drugega pa debelejšega. Sicer so tudi na ta način sledi čopiča vidne, ampak pri tem zna najbolj pomagati nadlak, ki zna te sledi skriti. Bi bil pa ta lak prekriven že po enem debelejšem sloju. Tale lak sem izbrala, ker je odličen za božične manikire in dejansko sem ga uporabila tudi v eni izmed mojih najljubših manikir za božični izziv, o katerem lahko berete decembra na blogu. Lak se posuši dokaj hitro, kar ga naredi zelo primernega za podlago za pečatenje ali nail art.

Carat Coral is a coral shade with golden glitter in it. Polishes from Diamond Luxe contain a true diamond dust in them, which makes them quite special. I love this shade so much, but formula is not good at all. It’s too thick and polish is hard to apply. Even though it has an amazing flat brush, which usually enables an easy application it’s very hard to spread evenly on nails. I think I’ll have to use nail polish thinner with this one. There’s also one another thing that doesn’t flatter this polish – it stains nails. A whole surface of my nail was red when I removed it. Okay, I personally don’t see such a huge problem in this, because I always have my nails painted, but I know this could be disturbing for many people. This one doesn’t dry as quick as Copacabana, but it actually looks better with a top coat, because it becomes glossier and that makes it prettier. I used two coats for these swatches.

Carat Coral je odtenek koralne barve, ki vsebuje zlat šimer. Laki iz kolekcije Diamond Luxe naj bi vsebovali pravi prah diamantov, kar ji dela dokaj posebne. Ta lak mi je zelo pri srcu, mi pa žal njegova formula ni tako zelo. Namreč, lak je zelo gost, kar otežuje lep enakomeren nanos. Mislim, da bom morala temu laku dodati malce thinerja, da ga naredim redkejšega. Je pa še ena stvar, ki sem jo opazila pri tem odtenku. Namreč, lak mi je po odstranitvi zabarval nohte, da je bila cela površina nohta rdeča. Ok, mene sicer to ne moti tako zelo, ker imam vedno pobarvane nohte, verjetno pa nekaterim puncam to ni všeč. Tale se ne suši tako hitro kot Copacabana, zato je zame nujen nanos hitro sušečega nadlaka, kar pa je samo prednost, ker lak z njim lepše izgleda. Za spodnje swatche sem uporabila dva sloja.  

Because both polishes have thicker formula I decided to test them as stamping polishes. Both polishes did a pretty good job actually. On first photo I stamped Carat Coral over Copacabana and on second I stamped Copacabana over Carat Coral. Stamping designs are from MoYou Pro palette 04.

Ker imata oba laka gostejšo formulo, sta se mi zdela primerna za pečatiranje. Oba sem tudi preizkusila, kako se obneseta in naj povem, da sta oba test prestala z oceno odlično. Na prvi fotki sem štempljala Carat Coral lak čez Copacabano, na drugi pa obratno. Za to sem uporabila MoYou ploščo 04 iz Pro kolekcije. 

Models Own polishes contain 14 ml and you can get them on Click2Chic for 5,95 €. There are three shades available from Disco Pants and four from Diamond Luxe collection at online store. I hope they will get more polishes from Diamond Luxe collection, I find Marquise Maroon and Oval Plum gorgeous and I’d love to add them to my collection.

Models Own laki vsebujejo 14 ml, v Sloveniji pa so na voljo v spletni trgovini Click2Chic. Cena enega laka je 5,95 €. Iz  kolekcije Disco Pants so na voljo trije odtenki in iz Diamond Luxe štirje. Upam, da sčasoma dobijo še več odtenkov iz Diamond Luxe kolekcije, ker imam še dva na WL, to sta Marquise Maroon in Oval Plum.

Have you tried Models Own polishes from Diamond Luxe and Disco Pants? What do you think about these two shades? Thank you for reading!
Ste že preizkusile kak Models Own lak iz teh dveh kolekcij? Hvala za pozornost!
*I got these polishes for review purposes.

17. december 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 6 of Christmas Challenge - Under the Tree

I haven't even realized that the half of the Christmas challenge is already over. The sixth theme is Under the tree. I decided not to complicate much and to do everything green. Green is actually one of my favourite colors and I realized I haven't worn green on nails for a very long time. I mean, I did use some green in different nail art manicures, but I haven't wore dark green shimmery shades that are just perfect for this season. 


I did very easy green smoky look with a touch of neon in inner corner. This is very wearable look and I had to do something wearable, because I went to work in the evening. For the lips I decided for a very soft pink glossy shade - Revlon LA Exclusive. It actually just came in the mail on the day I was doing this look and I had to try it immediately. :)

Products I used:
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory
- Maybelline Instant Anti-age concealer Fair
- Essence Stay All Day long lasting concealer Natural Beige
- Artistry Exact Fit Bisque powder
- Sleek Face Form bronzer and highlighter
- Catrice Mandy-rine

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Catrice Don't Touch My Mosserati
- Sleek Vintage Romance (Love in London)
- Sleek Acid (neon green)
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Essence Liquid Ink High Shine eyeliner
- Miyo Big Fat Smoky Lashes mascara
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)

- Revlon LA Exclusive


It's greeeeen. :) And gold. Gold and green are actually quite gorgeous combination, I don't know why I don't wear it more often. The idea of this nail art was to do a Christmas tree on an accent nail and gifts of others, but Christmas lights seemed like a better idea in the end. I also added a bit of glitter to make manicure look more festive. Polishes I used are Essence All Access, P2 Precious, Essence Wild White Ways, Essence The Huntsman, Manhattan 29Z and to stamp lights I used MoYou  Festive plate 06

What do you think about my makeup and manicure? Thank you for reading!

Winners of December Giveaway

Yesterday my December giveaway ended and the winners are already known. 

First prize goes to D.Ralok

Second prize goes to Maja Remec

Congratulation to both winners. Please, send me emails with your address information, so I can send you prizes as soon as possible. 

16. december 2014

Blogmas 2014: In Love with Zoeva brushes (Review)

Zoeva brushes have a lot of positive reviews in a beauty world and I was thinking to get a set of their brushes for a long time (why to buy a separate brushes, if you can get a set, ha? :P), but I wanted to spoil myself with a whole set and I never found a chance to do that (my birthday is not sooner than in May). Well, when I got the chance to get separate Zoeva brushes with 30% discount, I had to take advantage of it for two brushes that interested me the most – Concealer Buffer and Silk Finish. 

I have to say I completely understand why people love their brushes so much. The holder of both brushes I ordered is black, from wood, and it has engraved the name of the brush. Between bristles and holder is a silver metallic part that holds both parts together. The quality of these brushes is really great. They have soft and dense bristles that are synthetic. I washed both brushes few times and none of them lost a single bristles. In usually use a shampoo or a soap for cleaning my brushes, but I discovered that the best for cleaning them is a hard soap (especially for brushes like Silk Finish), because it removes everything from bristles. 

142 Concealer Buffer
Concealer Buffer is Zoeva brush I wanted the most. Till now I was using Body&Soul concealer brush, which is flat and it does its job great, but it’s not the best for blending concealer. Let me tell you, Concealer Buffer is a perfect brush to use with concealer. It’s very easy to apply concealer under my eyes and blend it onto the skin, and not just there, it works great everywhere on the skin, also to blend concealer over the blemishes. Many girls also recommended it for applying eyeshadow. I haven’t try it for that purpose yet, because I strictly bought it to use with concealer, but because even Anja from Moja drogerija, who is a makeup artist, use it for applying eyeshadows I believe it’s works great on eyes as well. The price: 11,54 € at Moja drogerija.

201 Silk Finish
Round foundation brushes are my favourite to use, and although I do like RT Expert Face a lot, it isn’t really perfect, so I was curious to see how Silk Finish will work. People, it’s much much better that RT brush. It’s dense, but still soft enough to blend foundation perfectly and evenly onto the skin, and it doesn’t leave any brush strokes, like Expert Face does. Plus, it’s bigger, so the application is faster with it. The price: 16,78 € at Moja drogerija.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with both brushes. Silk Finish completely replaced RT Expert brush in my makeup bag and Concealer Buffer is definitely perfect for blending concealer. Now I’m really anxious to buy a set of Zoeva brushes to try even more of them.  I think these are totally worth the money, after all, brushes will last you very long, if you’re going to take a good care of them. In Slovenia you can get Zoeva brushes at Moja drogerija

Have you tried Zoeva brushes? Which ones would you recommend to me and my readers? Thank you for reading!

15. december 2014

Blogmas 2014: So This is Christmas

I'm doing Christmas manicures since the beginning of the December already. I feel very excited because of today's post, because I want to show you these cute Christmas water decals from Born Pretty Store. Not so much because of decals themselves as because of my first manicure. Look at this cute penguin with Santa's hat. And a baby reindeer in Santa's bag. I wont write how to apply water decals, because I've mentioned that few times before and I think most of you know how to do it.
As a base for water decals I used Essence Wild White Ways. On other nails I apply P2 Crazy Beauty, over which I stamped snowflakes from MoYou Festive plate 06 with Stargazer 232. 

This was my first manicure with these decals, because it was more a manicure for "practicing". The theme of this manicure is a Christmas tree. As a base for water decals I used Catrice On the Top of the Alps. On other nails I applied Maybelline 145, over which I stamped Christmas lights from MoYou Festive plate 06 with white Catrice polish.

I want to use "peace" Santa so badly on my nails, but my nails are unfortunately too short for it at the moment. I have to wait that they grow. You can get these water decals at Born Pretty Store for $2.61. Of course, don't forget to use code "DFL91" to get 10% discount. 

What do you think of these water decals? What about my manicures? Thank you for reading!
*This products was sent to me for review.

14. december 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 5 of Christmas Challenge - Inspired by a Christmas Movie

Fifth theme of Christmas challenge is Inspired by a Christmas movie. I knew I'm going to do only nail art here, and I was deciding between two movies I saw recently, Santa Claus and Arthur Christmas. In the end I decided for the second one, Arthur Christmas. When I started to come up with ideas for each nail and painting them, I realized I haven't done any nail art for a very long time now. Lately I felt in love with stamping so much that I was mostly using stamping plates when doing my nails. In the end the final result wasn't even that bad, although I have to admit this isn't the best nail art I did. The idea beneath each nail? On my thumb I wrote the title of the movie, on index finger (which is my favourite, btw) I draw Santa and sleigh, on middle finger Arthur's jumper, on ring finger I wrote Dear Santa (Arthur was the one who read and answered on all letters) and on pinkie I draw Arthur's slippers. 

Polishes I used: 
Thumb: Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Juicy Love, Ruby Kisses Tropical Green.
Index finger: Essence I Love My Blue Jeans, P2 Crazy Beauty, Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Black is Back. 
Middle finger: Catrice ACid/DC, Essence Juicy Love, Essence I Love My Blue Jeans, P2 Crazy Beauty, Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Inti Inka.
Ring finger: Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Juicy Love, Ruby Kisses Tropical Green. 
Pinkie: China Glaze Mahagony Magic, China Glaze Fast Track, Ruby Kisses Tropical Green, Essence Black is Back.

Have you seen Arthur Christmas movie? What do you think of my manicure? Thank you for reading!

365 Days Photo Challenge: Day 321 - Day 348

Day 321: Sweet Beauty.

Day 322: Pawprint. 

Day 323: Ducks flying to south. 

Day 324: Beautiful sunset.

Day 325: My new necklace.

Day 326: Museum in our village.

Day 327: Fogy day.

Day 328: Light.

Day 329: Orchid.

Day 330: Sweet tooth. I'm a bit obsessed with Toffifee lately. 

Day 331: Decoration at work.

Day 332: Notd.

Day 333: Advent wreath.

Day 334: Advent exhibition. 

Day 335: My blog passes 1 million views. Amazing. :)

Day 336: Yellow OOTD.

Day 337: In the library.

Day 338: Golden manicure I simply adore.

Day 339: Chandelier. 

Day 340: Festive in Graz.

Day 341: Chocolate lollipop from Zotter.

Day 342: My new rings from Born Pretty Store. I don't wear them all at once, I just wanted to show them to you. :)

Day 343: It's already dark outside when I go to work.

Day 334: Did some decoration at work.

Day 335: The most beautiful sunset I ever saw. 

Day 336: Doing some makeup for Christmas challenge. 

Day 337: Beautiful sky.

Day 338: A Christmas tree.

Thank you for reading!