08. oktober 2015

Dramatic False Eyelashes for Dramatic Makeup

False lashes and I … well, we are still not best friends. On good days I can apply false lashes like a pro and on bad days like a total newbie. I never wear them on a daily basis. I have no idea how some women are patient enough to apply them every day and how they make them last a whole day without them coming off. I always have a huge problem gluing them in inner corner, because they never want to stick properly (except on good days). Beside that I’m wearing glasses and I don’t imagine wearing false eyelashes every day.

When I was deciding what I want to test from Lady Queen I chose fake eyelashes Y-79, because it said “natural soft handmade etc.” false lashes and I did expect natural, not too long lashes, but o boy was I surprised when I got them. These are actually quite long, dense eyelashes and they look dramatic on eyes, but I don’t mind that, because as you know I often do bolder looks and these are perfect lashes to be used then. The band is soft, so they adjust to the eye when I’m applying them. They were too long, so I cut them on outer side to adjust the length. On Lady Queen site it’s written that these are handmade from a cotton stalk (and that’s probably what they meant with natural). These are shorter in inner part and longer in outer. In the box there comes 10 pair of eyelashes, but if they are carefully applied, one pair can be used more than once.  

Four makeup looks where I used Lady Queen Y-79 eyelashes (yay, you have a special preview on the last photo what's coming on my blog next in Halloween series :D)

These do not come with lash glue, so I use Fingrs lash glue to glue them on. Maybe is the reason I’m not skilled enough to apply false eyelashes perfectly, but I can never apply these properly. I always have problems in inner corner, where they don’t want to stick on. And no, the lash glue is not the problem, because Fingrs glue holds everything (read: lashes and studs) I glue on my face very good. I even have problems removing everything when I use it. But these eyelashes just don’t want to stay on place in inner corner. I noticed one other interesting thing. I can always place them okay on my left eye, while on my right eye I always have a problem placing them close to my natural lashes and it usually takes me two attempts before I apply them. These eyelashes are light, but since they are so dramatic I always feel them on my eyes, especially in inner corner where they don’t feel very comfortable. 

10 pair of false eyelashes cost 4,91 € ($5,99). They come in a white cardborad box and they are tied on with golden stickers and it’s actually quite hard to take them out. These are not the best eyelashes I’ve tried, but I think they are affordable and although I don’t wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, these will come very handy with my creative makeup looks. I can make them work for those few minutes of photoshooting. If you’re going to shop at Lady Queen, use my code WGGT15 for 15% discount. 

Have you tried Lady Queen false eyelashes? What do you think about these? Thank you for reading! 
*PR product 

07. oktober 2015

FOTD: Snow Queen (Halloween Series)

Since I made my first Snow Queen look in January, I wanted to create a new, better one. This year’s Halloween season really inspired me, and although you probably won’t see very crazy face painting creations on my blog, I’m really happy where my way of creating “creative, non-everyday makeup” is going. At the moment there are 7 more looks I want to do for Halloween. I plan to do tutorials for most of them, I just hope nothing will come in way and I’ll manage to realize all my ideas. 

Back to my Snow Queen look. As always, I started with the application of foundation and filling in my eyebrows. No matter what kind of look I do, these are always first two steps. Then I go on eyes. 
Photo 1: I took a pointer brush and with a dark blue matte shade I draw a line in my crease. This way I outlined where I wanted for my eyeshadow to end. In outer part I connected the line with my eye.
Photo 2: I deepened the line in crease and also made a longer flick in outer part. I filled the flick with dark matte blue eyeshadow. If you make any mistake (for example to higher line), just use a thin or angled brush and apply a bit of concealer on the place you want to fix it.
Photo 3: All over the lid and in inner corner I applied a white creamy eyeshadow, which was my base for a blue eyeshadow.
Photo 4 and 5: On the lid, over the white base, I applied a bright blue eyeshadow, and in inner corner I applied a white matte eyeshadow.
Photo 6: Under my eyes I applied a dark blue matte eyeshadow. On my waterline I used a white jumbo pencil
Photo 7: Above the crease, where the blue eyeshadow ended, I first applied a white creamy eyeshadow as a base and then I went over it with a white powder eyeshadow. I felt like I need to highlight this area, because without it this look was missing something.
Photo 8: In the end I made a thin line with eyeliner and then applied false lashes. I also used the mascara. By my looks false lashes are always the last step, because no matter what I do, they never stick nicely in inner corner. At the beginning I manage to stick them okay enough to take few photos, but with time they can unglue and that’s the reason I always apply them in the end.

Let’s see what I did on my face. I already mentioned that I always first apply foundation and then I do my eyebrows.

When I did most of the work on eyes, I applied a white creamy eyeshadow from Flash palette on areas where I wanted to highlight my face. I blended it in with a makeup sponge. Then I set everything with a setting powder. I contoured my face with a light blue eyeshadow (I actually mixed white and blue eyeshadow from Flash palette, because I wanted a colour that would match my eyebrows, but they didn’t really blend even, probably because I applied setting powder underneath). I didn’t use any blush, but I highlighted my cheeks, high point of my cheeks and my nose with champagne shimmery highlighter. Then I thought I could also contour the highest point (this doesn’t sound okay) the upper part of my nose, so I applied a bright blue eyeshadow with a blending brush from my brows till the point, where the dark blue eyeshadow on eyes has ended. The final step when everything was done was blue studs. I bought few blue and green studs in Müller. They aren’t the cheapest, but they can be used multiple times. They already have glue on them, but after the first usage the glue doesn’t hold anymore, so then I usually use lash glue to glue them on. 

Considering the lips, I started with a bright blue shade (I mixed blue and white eyeshadow from Flash palette). In inner part of the lips I applied a white eyeshadow. Then I outlined my lips with blue shade, because I wanted to make it look darker and I wanted to achieve a gradient look from dark blue to lighter blue and white. I took my time to blend it nicely together with white shade. In the end I used pearly white eyeshadow and applied it in inner part of my lips. 
P.S. If you're going to wear blue on your lips for Halloween, don't smile too much, because it'll make your teeth look yellow. ;)

There are few details that I’m noticing now on photos and I would fix them if I’d do this look again (for example, I blended white highlighting shade really high, but not on the crown of my head, so it looks strange now), but overall I’m pretty satisfied with it. Now my plan is to do an Ice Queen looks with less blue and more white. Will see how this will go. 

Products I used:
- Catrice Even Skin Tone Even Vanilla foundation
- Makeup Revolution The One Shade 1 foundation
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Porcellain
- Oriflame The Illuskin powder Light
- Imagic Professional Cosmetics pallete 12 Flash Color Case
- Sleek Face Form Fair (highlighter)
- studs from Müller

- Imagic Professional Cosmetics pallete 12 Flash Color Case
- NYX Milk jumbo pencil
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette
- Sleek Curacao palette
- Lady Queen 20 Colour Professional Palette
- Oriflame The One Stylo Black
- Essence Lash Mania mascara
- Lady Queen False Lashes

- Imagic Professional Cosmetics palette 12 Flash Color Case
- Sleek Curacao palette (Martini)

What do you think about my second Halloween look? If you liked it I would appreciate if you would share this post. Thank you for reading!

05. oktober 2015

Kaj sem se naučila na 1. konferenci lepotnih blogerk + zahvale

Sicer je Matej Špehar rekel: »Bodite prve.«, ampak včasih preprosto ne utegneš. Veliko blogerk je že pisalo o 1. lepotni blogerski konferenci, ki se je odvijala v petek, 2. oktobra 2015, v Hotelu Union v Ljubljani, veliko jih verjetno še bo, sama pa sem se odločila, da bom tudi dodala svojo objavo kot kapljico v morje preostalih zapisov.

Sama ne bom na veliko povzemala urnika konference, ker je o njem pisalo, in verjetno še bo, veliko blogerk, vsem, ki so kakorkoli prispevali k uspešni izvedbi, se bom zahvalila pozneje, linkala bom tudi vse objave, ki poročajo o konferenci. Sama bi rada z vami delila nekaj spoznanj, ki sem jih odnesla z lepotne konference oz. so mi ostala najbolj v spominu. Jih bo pa seveda povedala na svoj način oz. kako sem jih razumela, upam, da kje ne usekam mimo. J

Nekaj spoznanj s prve lepotne konference:
  1. Za dobre fotografije je najpomembnejša svetloba. Najboljše je fotografirati ob oknu v prostoru, kjer je veliko svetlobe, vendar morate slikati v senci, ne na direktni sončni svetlobi.
  2. Lepotna tržnica je zagotovo najboljši način za spoznavanje novih izdelkov in za klepet z uvozniki.
  3. Več časa kot pisanju objave moramo nameniti promoviranju le-te. Navsezadnje si vsaka želi, da to, kar je napisala, doseže čim večje število ljudi.
  4. Sharing is caring. Na koncu objave prosite bralce, naj delijo vašo objavo, če jim je bila všeč. Zelo lepa gesta je, če to naredijo tudi blogerke ena za drugo. ;)
  5. Vsaka objava šteje, zato premisli, preden klikneš objavi. Pazi tudi na jezik oz. slovnico. Tako bralci kot uvozniki imajo radi objave, ki so slovnično čim bolj pravilne. Navsezadnje, nihče si ne želi brati skrpucala (na tem mestu se sama opravičujem za svojo slabo angleščino).
  6. Bralca najhitreje pritegneta zanimiv naslov in prva fotografija. Nekaj, na čemer bom sama morala še veliko delati, saj so moji naslovi zelo dolgočasni.
  7. Za promocijo bloga so odlični tudi »guest posti« na drugih, popularnejših blogih.
  8. Google analitika je tista, ki je pomembna in ki pri večini uvoznikov šteje, torej si čim prej namestite Google analitiko in pozabite na Blogerjevo, ki šteje tudi vsak vaš ogled.
  9. Za vsako sodelovanje, prejet izdelek, PR material se zahvali. Nasvet, ki ga bom sama v prihodnosti zagotovo zelo upoštevala (priznam, da se za prejet PR material nisem nikoli zahvaljevala).
  10. Blogerke so zakon punce! Ne morem vam povedati, kakšno sproščeno in veselo vzdušje je vladalo ves dan na konferenci. Hvala vsem za druženje in klepet.

Niki Veger, ki je organizirala konferenco in vanjo res vložila ogromno časa in trudila, bi poleg zahvale rada izrekla tudi pohvalo. Organizacija konference je bila res na vrhuncu, blogerke smo se počutile zelo dobrodošle in domače, vse je potekalo točno po urniku, predavanja so bila zanimiva, lepotna tržnica je bila vrhunec, hrana je bila odlična in lokacija (Hotel Union) naravnost popolna za tak dogodek. Hvala, da si žrtvovala mesece in mesece za pripravo tako izvrstnega dogodka. Zahvala gre tudi Petru Polesu, ki je povezoval dogodek in skrbel za smeh. Hvala predavateljem Ajdi Sitar in Domnu Blenkošu (fotografska delavnica), Mateju Špeharju (Promocija bloga v socialnih omrežjih),  Juretu Dolerju (Optimizacija bloga – kako iz vsakega zapisa potegniti največ), Gejbi (Google analitika) za vse koristne informacije, ki so jih delili z nami. Hvala Kozmetiki Afrodita, ki nam je predstavila novosti, ki jih bodo lansirali na tržišče in jih bomo imele tudi blogerke priložnost preizkusiti. Afrodita je ustvarila izdelke za intimno nego, česar se sama zelo veselim, saj njihovim izdelkom zelo zaupam, poleg tega pa se vsaka ženska zaveda, kako pomembna je nega intimnih predelov.

Gejba v akciji. :)
Peter Poles, moja malenkost, Maja iz Telovadit začnem vedno na isti dan. Jutri., Monika iz Sugarlove bloga, Aida iz Lippie Hippie in Gejba iz Parokeets. (foto: fotozabava.si)

Zelo zanimiva je bila tudi okrogla miza, na kateri se je debatiralo o sodelovanju z uvozniki in mislim, da je bilo povedanega ogromno zanimivega tako s strani uvoznikov kot tudi s strani blogerk. Seveda smo blogerke podelile tudi prve blogerske nagrade. Ob tem gredo čestitke Dominur d. o. o., ki je pri nas zastopnik za znamki Essence in Catrice, Vichy-u, Alpstories, L'Occitanu in Kozmetiki Afrodita. Velik hvala pa tudi Ani Verdnik, ki je ustanovila Facebook skupino Slovenian Bloggers, kjer je združila in povezala vse lepotne blogerke, kar je posledično pripeljalo do petkovega dogodka.
Največji hvala pa gre vsem uvoznikom, ki so sponzorirali prvo blogersko konferenco in prispevali vsa darilca, ki smo jih na koncu blogerke komaj prinesle do prevoza: Kozmetika AfroditaLassanaL'OccitaneAvon,  Zlatarna CeljeAlpStoriesClarisonicCuraproxYoungbloodLe Couvent des Minimes, MelvitaOriflamePhilipsVichyAussieCatriceCD KöerperpflegeClick2ChicEssenceEucerinGolden RoseAlessandroLa Roche-PosayNivea & LabelloLičila.siPaul MitchellSMILE Concept Storepijača Nulapijača Restart, AdriaMedia/CosmopolitanCakepopsGrand Hotel Union.

Gejba je posnela dva videa, tako da si morate najprej pogledati oba videa, da dobite občutek o vzdušju (video 1) in podrobnejši vpogled v izdelke, ki smo jih prejele (video 2).

Ne pozabite preveriti objav ostalih blogerk: 

Hvala za pozornost in če vam je bila ta objava všeč, ko lahko delite s svojimi prijatelji in spremljevalci na socialnih omrežjih!

04. oktober 2015

Review: Nani Longlasting Lipgloss 15

Because I'm a huge fan of matte lip products I was eager to try Nani Longlasting lipgloss, when Lady Queen contacted me and asked me, if I want to do a review for them. The colour selection is huge, and it took me quite a while to choose a shade. I decided for a shade 15, because it looked like a nice reddish nude shade on their swatches, but boy was I surprised when I received the lipgloss aka lip cream. Shade 15 is a bright, almost neon pink shade, so I warn you that if you’re going to buy their products, check swatches on internet before, because swatches on their site are not accurate (more accurate swatches here). 

Lip cream comes in a plastic tube that’s in the colour of the shade and has a black lid. It has a doe foot applicator, which is easy to work with. Although it’s says on the packaging that this is a lipgloss, it’s actually a lip cream. Its formula reminds me a lot on Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers, with the difference that it doesn’t feel as heavy on lips, although I can still feel it on my lips when I’m wearing it. The formula is creamy. Lip cream applies very streaky and uneven, so two coats are necessary to achieve better application. I usually apply a thin first coat, trying to be careful around the edges, because once this lip cream dries it won’t move from the place, and then I go over with a bit thicker second coat. The application still isn’t as smooth as for example by Essence lip creams, but it looks okay enough.
During application it looks glossy on lips, but after few minutes it dries and becomes completely matte. While it’s drying it feels tight on the lips, but once it becomes matte this feeling disappears. I expected that it’ll dry my lips because of the finish and formula, but it actually doesn’t feel drying at all, although isn’t nourishing/moisturizing either. 

As you can expect from a lip cream, it’s very longlasting. Once it sets on the lips it won’t move. The thing that bothers me the most by this products is the stickiness. Once it dries in matte finish it becomes sticky when you press your lips together. The stickiness won’t be noticeable when you eat or drink. It’s actually quite drink and food proof, although it will transfer a bit on a glass or service, but on lips it’ll still look untouched. The other thing I noticed is that it doesn’t fade away evenly. It actually starts disappearing from certain parts of the lips. I’m not sure if it’s because of the food I eat or because of the drinking (water, don’t get me wrong). But it doesn’t crumble as Makeup Revolution products. It’s actually hard for me to say how long it lasts. If I ignore the fact that it fades away faster on certain, it actually lasts on lips for quite a big amount of time. I also have to mention that it doesn't have any strange scent or taste

As I mentioned before, it’s a bright, almost neon pink shade. As someone who is a fan of fun and bright makeup looks I combined it with colourful look, but I have to say this is more of a summer appropriate shade. I also find it more appropriate for the summer because of the formula, which can emphasize dry parts on the lips and during colder months I have big problems with dry lips.

You can get Nani lip creams in Lady Queen store. If you’re going to shop there use my code WGGT15 for 15 % discount. The selection is huge, they offer 38 shades. The price is $6,97 (5,71 €). This product has its positive and negative sides, and I can't say I'm really impressed, there are better matte product (Bourjois), but I have a feeling that it’ll come handy in the future, especially by more bright and fun looks you can see a lot on my blog. But I would not recommend it to someone who has dry lips, because I’m not sure that the formula would suit you. 

How do you like this shade? Would you wear it? If you like this post, I would appreciate if you would share it. Thank you for reading!
*PR product

02. oktober 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 21 - Day 31

The 31 day nail art challenge is finally over. I have to admit I was already tired of it, because the last section "inspired by" wasn't really inspirational to me this year. 

Day 21: Inspired by colour
- Essence Love is in the Air
- Bourjois Only Bluuuue

Day 22: Inspired by a song
- Essie Sand Tropez
- Essence Love is in the Air
- Essence Styled for Red Carpet
- Essie Sole Mate
- Essence Black is Back

Day 23: Inspired by a movie
- Essence Fall for You
- tempera painting
- Essie Sand Tropez
- Bourjois Turquoise Block
- Essence Love is in the Air
- Essence Cherry Cherry Girl
- Essence Only Bluuuue
- Essence Indian Summer
- Essence Amazed by You

Day 24: Inspired by a book
- Oriflame Sundance
- China Glaze Mahogany Magic
- Essence Love is in the Air

Day 25: Inspired by fashion
- Essence Black Out
- Essence Indian Summer
- Essence Makes Me Weak
- Essence Like Leo's Pilot Jacket
- S-he Stylezone 314

Day 26: Inspired by a pattern
- Essie Sand Tropez
- Bourjois Only Bluuuue
- Essence Black is Back
- Essence Indian Summer

Day 27: Inspired by artwork
- Essie Sand Tropez
- Oriflame Sundance
- Essence Cherry Cherry Girl
- Essence Black is Back
- Essence Love is in the Air
- Barry M Blood Orange
- Essence Indigo To Go
- Essence Make Me Weak

Day 28: Inspired by a flag
- Essence Crew First
- Misslyn True White
- Bourjois Only Bluuuue
- Barry M Orange Blood
- Essence Styled for Red Carpet

Day 20: Inspired by supernatural
- Essene Crew First
- Essie Sole Mate
- black tempera painting

Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial
Lucy's Stash inspired
- Models Own Copacabana
- Essence Amazed by You

Day 31: Honor nails you like
Chalkboard inspired
- Essence Black is Back
- Oriflame Sundance
- Essence Cherry Cherry Girl
- Essence Love is in the Air
- Essie Sole Mate

And for the end a group photo of all manicures I did. It's really hard to decided which manicures I like the best, because this year I'm proud on many of them and if I'd start telling you which ones are my favourites there would probably be more than a half of them on the list. But you can of course share with me, which ones you like the best. They are in the order as I was doing them.

Thank you for reading!

30. september 2015

FOTD: Inspired by Minions

I'm on fire with makeup looks lately, so don't resent me if you'll have to see many makeup looks on my blog in next few days and weeks.
Our favourite characters from Despicable Me got their own movie this year, and I was so eager to see it that I dragged my darling, who is not a fan of animated movies, to the cinema. I enjoyed the movie, and already back then I got the idea to create a makeup look, inspired by Minions. Yellow and blue, those are the colours of little creatures Minions. I actually had a bit crazier look in mind, but it didn't really come out as I imagined, so I did something simpler, but pretty anyway.  

To get a straighter line I taped a tape from outer corner of my eye till my brow. I started with priming my lid with eyeshadow base to prevent creasing, as usual (photo 1), and then I applied a white jumbo pencil all over the lid (photo 2). I set it with white eyeshadow. Always, even when I use a white pencil to increase the intensity of coloured eyeshadows, I use an eyeshadow primer underneath. I noticed that the jumbo pencil never creases in this case. Then I applied a yellow eyeshadow on the lid, but I didn’t go all the way to inner corner (photo 3). Next I applied a brown shade in crease and blended it up on brow bone. I suggest starting with a light touch of colour and then layering it, because it's easier to blend it together with yellow that way and also to achieve soft edges. In inner corner I added a bit of white eyeshadow (photo 4). When the tape was still on my skin I outlined the flick, then removed the tape and finished the application of eyeliner (photo 5). On lower lash line and on water line I applied a blue eye pencil (photo 6) and then prolonged the line following the flick (photo 7). I softened the line with a blue eyeshadow. I also prolonged the eyeliner in inner corner and made a short flick there (photo 8). For the end I curled my lashes and applied mascara (photo 9)

For 31 day nail art challenge a made a manicure, inspired by Minions and it was a perfect match to my makeup. Also, I can't believe, how amazing my skin looks on these photos, like it would be photoshopped (but it's not).

Products I used:
- Vichy Teint Ideal 15
- Oriflame The One Illuskin foundation Porcelain
- Bourjois Silk Finish Porcelain
- Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Rewind Fair
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine contour palette Ashy Radiance
- Catrice Coral Me Maybe
- Catrice Highlighting Powder Stardust

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow primer
- NYX Milk
- Lady Queen 20 Colour Professional palette
- Essence Nauti Girl Cool Breeze
- Essence Liquid eyeliner High Shine
- Misslyn eyepencil Cornflower
- Oriflame The One Stylo Black
- Essence Lash Mania mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)

- Aura lipliner 36
- Bourjois Nude-ist

What do you think about this look? Thank you for reading!

29. september 2015

FOTD: Modern Twist on a Classic Makeup Look (Collaboration with Adjusting Beauty)

Hello, my dear beautiful followers. I'm so happy to share with you today's post, because it's a makeup collaboration post with one of the best and my favourite Slovenian blogger Petra from Adjusting Beauty. Since we both own Mac lipstick Lady Danger, we decided to create a makeup look with it. We thought a lot what we should do, but the first thing that came on our minds was a classic look. In the end we both decided for a classic look with a twist and end up doing the same technique, which is a cut crease. You know what they say, great minds think alike. :) 

Step 1: As always I started with an eyeshadow base, which prevents eyeshadow from creasing and also makes sure that the eyeshadow will stay on your lids longer. 
Step 2: With a brown shade and a pointer brush I outlined the crease. 
Step 3: On brow bone, above  the line, I applied a darker brown matte shade.
Step 4: Next step was blending. Blend, blend, blend, until you don't get a nice soft edge. You can help yourself with very light brown eyeshadow. Also, if you don't have a harsh line in crease after blending, use a thin flat brush and a concealer to cover up everything that's under the crease line.
Step 5: I applied a golden metallic eyeshadow all over this lid and in inner corner of my eye. I also added a bit more dark brown to deepen the crease line.
Step 6: I used a dark shimmery brown eyeshadow on lower lash line. 
Step 7: Eyeliner is a must for me by looks like this.
Step 8: First I used a nude jumbo pencil on waterline and white eyeshadow under my brow as highlighter. Then I curled my lashes and applied mascara. 
Step 9: False lashes are an optional step. I applied them to achieve more dramatic look, but in the end didn't get many great photos to share them with you in this post.

Lady Danger is a bright orange-red lipstick with matte finish, and I have to say I was impressed how smooth it applies on lips. Despite the matte finish it doesn't dry my lips, which is amazing. As you will notice, this lipstick looks different on different people. On Petra it looks completely red, while on me it obviously has more orange undertone. On nails I'm wearing Essence Cherry Cherry Girl from Cherry Blossom Girl TE.

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer Fair
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine contour palette Ashy Radiance
- Catrice Coral Me Maybe
- P2 High Beam highlighter

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- Sleek Storm palette
- Catrice All About Matt palette
- Freedom Jewels and Riches palette
- Oriflame The One Stylo eyeliner Black
- Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it Nude
- Essence Lash Mania Mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)
- Lady Queen False lashes

- Mac Lady Danger

I also added some false lashes and took a bunch of photo wearing them, but only this photo came out okay enough for me to post it. 

Definitely don't forget to check Petra's post to see what look she did and how Mac Lady Danger lipstick looks on her. And while you're there, don't forget to click follow button, because she really has an amazing blog.

How do you like this makeup look? Thank you for reading!