27. januar 2015

NOTD: Essence I Nude It

Essence is releasing new collection of nude products a part of their regular assortment in spring 2015. At the moment you can find a preview of this collection, called I Love Nude, in Müller store. They offer few lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, nail polishes and mascara. The collection looks very interesting, I especially loved eyeshadows, but didn’t get any in the end. What I did bought are mascara Lash Princess, which will be reviewed in a comparison post with older version of Lash Princess mascara, a lipstick Cool Nude, which will get a separate post during the weekend, and a nail polish I Nude It, which I’ll present today. 

I Nude It is a very bright beige nude that contains subtle shimmer, which is almost invisible on nails. I’m not the biggest of a formula, because polish applies streaky and you need to be careful to reach an even application. I’m not sure if it’s the shimmer of this shade or something, because nude polishes are usual easier to apply. What I love about this polish is the brush. It has a flat brush, which is amazing. It’s definitely better that the one from Colour&Go polishes.

I used two coats for this swatch. I like this shade, it’s not bad, but the reason I bought it is because I Nude It is going to be a great base for stamping and nail art manicures. The duration time isn’t its strongest characteristic, it chips in a day. Girl with strongest nails, on which polish lasts longer, definitely won’t be satisfied with it. I also wanted to mention that on nails it doesn’t look exactly as in the bottle, but more, idk, beige. In the bottle it looks paler, I guess. The polish contains 8 ml and I paid 1,99 € for it. 

And for the proof that’ll be great base I did one stamping manicure to include it in this post. I painted all of my nails with Essence I Nude It and then I applied golden leaf foil on my pinkie, index finger and thumb. On middle and ring finger I stamped a flower design using Models Own Copacabana nail polish and plate MoYou Pro 04.

Did you get anything from I Love Nudes collection? What do you think about this polish? Thank you for reading!

26. januar 2015

Review and Swatches: L'Oreal Laetitia and Blake Nail Polishes

At the moment DM is offering two L'Oreal polishes for the price of one (till 4. 2.), so I thought I'd share with you swatches of two L'Oreal polishes I bought in last few weeks. They are called Laetitia and Blake and are part of Exclusive Pure Reds collection. There also exist lipstick with the same name and are very praised, but I kind of decided not to get any (yet). I do like red lipsticks a lot, but I don’t wear them as often as they’d deserve, I more often reach for pink shades.  

L’Oreal polishes have amazing formula that goes on nails smoothly, but unfortunately I find them too expensive. 5 ml cost more than 5 €, which is a lot. So sales are always welcome. These polishes have very cute packaging with a matte black lid and a golden stripe with L’Oreal name in it, which I prefer over their usual golden lid. I also like L’Oreal’s wide round on top brush, which is my favourite type. Both shades have a bit thicker formula, but they do require two coats for an even application. The drying time is average and duration time nothing special. On me they chip as fast as Essence polishes and that’s one of the reason I find them a bit pricey. 

Laetitia is a vampy red shade with a subtle shimmer. It’s definitely not a typical shimmery shade, but a cream shade that contains tiny shimmer. It’s visible on nails, especially when you look closer, but not very noticeable from far.  

Blake is a dark plumy cream shade. On nails it dries darker than in the bottle, which doesn’t make me very happy, because I love the color in the bottle, but I like this polish anyway. I’d say it belongs to the same family as Essie Bahama Mama just that is darker.

I like both polishes, but prefer Blake a tiny bit more. These are definitely gorgeous shades with great formula and both are more fall/winter shades, since they are dark. I’d recommend both to you, if you're a fan of these kind of shades. But that of course if you don’t find them too expensive or if you’re going to take a chance and buy them on sale at DM. Otherwise these are also available at Müller.

Have you tried L'Oreal polishes from Exclusive Pure Red collection? What do you think about these two shades? Thank you for reading!

23. januar 2015

FOTD: Sweet Green

Hello, my lovelies! Today I thought I'd share another makeup look with you. It's green. It's not a secret that I love green and I guess everything in me and on me already screams Spring, if I judge by the colors and motives I'm using lately. 

I actually planned to use more different shades on upper lid, but in the end I ended with a turquoise- green combination on lids and yellow in inner corner. Under my eyes I wanted to use purple so it'll pop out more and be the star of the look, but I think it incorporated so well in this look that  in person when I wore glasses looked like I'm wearing a dark green under my eyes. I chose pink lips, because I  didn't want too bold or completely nude lips. 

Products I used
- Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation Beige 100
- Maybelline Instant Anti-age concealer Fair
- Essence Stay All Day long lasting concealer Natural Beige
- Artistry Exact Fit Bisque powder

- Sleek Face Form Kit Fair (bronzer)
- Catrice Mandy-rine
- L'Oreal Lumi Magique

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Curacao
- Miyo 39, 27
- NYX Milk
- Essence Liquid Ink High Gloss eyeliner
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes for brows)

- Bourjois Nude-ist
- Isadora Tropical Pink

How do you like this look? Thank you for reading!

21. januar 2015

My Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadow Collection

I rather won't mention, when I started to prepare this post. Khmm ... It's been almost a year since I uploaded photos for this post in Blogger, but then never wrote it. Some eyeshadows were discontinued meanwhile, but I decided to mention them anyway. This is more like a collection post than a proper review. Also, three of the shades I'm mentioning today (Talk Like an Egyptian, Vanilla&Charles, Shade of Grey) are leaving soon, so I thought I'd share swatches with you if you'd like to get some before they'll be completely gone.
I got them at Catrice and Essence event two years ago and before that I didn't try any, so I didn't know what to expect. Catrice mono eyeshadows are a hit or a miss - they have very different quality, some are better pigmented, some less, some eyeshadows fall out (metallic), but they do apply easy, are easy to blend, they don't crease on me and they last a whole day on my lids.

Vanilla&Charles is a vanilla shade with tiny shimmer. It's very silky, not very powdery, but it's pigmentation isn't the best. I mostly use this shade as a highlighter under my brow bone.

Ice White Open is a white matte eyeshadow, better pigmented than Vanilla&Charles, but again not enough for me to use it on the lid, when I want more exposed white. But it's a good highlighting color.

Next one is Ooops ... Nude Did It Again!, which is a beige nude shade. This is a great eyeshadow comparing to other two. Silky and soft, not powdery at all and very good pigmented. It's a perfect highlighting color for inner corner of the eye, because it's a satin shade and it really opens my eyes.

Shade of Grey is actually a taupe shade (more noticeable in person than on photos). It's has the same gorgeous formula as Ooops ... Nude Did It Again! and it's nicely pigmented.

Snoop Dovey Dove (discontinued) is a grey eyeshadow with a satin finish and good pigmentation. I actually have no idea why I took this eyeshadow, because I'm not really a fan of grey on my lids.

Jeans Dean (discontinued) is a dark blue shade with tiny shimmer. Its pigmentation is okay, but nothing amazing. 

Carrots of the Caribbean (discontinued) is an orange matte eyeshadow with tiny shimmer. Its pigmentation is also okay, but nothing special. Catrice can do it better.

Don't Touch My Mosserati is a metallic green shade with an amazing pigmentation. It does fall out, but I don't mind, it's really an amazing shade. It's my second favourite of the bunch.

My First Copperware Party is my favourite of them all. Not because it should be a dupe for Mac Satin Taupe, but because it's really an amazing eyeshadow. It has an amazing pigmentation and I specially like to use it in crease, when I'm wearing quick everyday makeup. It's silky, soft, easy to blend and it doesn't fall out.

Plum Up the Jam is nicely pigmented plummy shade with golden glitter, which isn't as noticeable when is applied as it is in the packaging (especially when you remove first layer).

I Like to Mauve It is a metallic mauve shade with an amazing pigmentation. It's silky, soft, but it does fall out. It's such a nice everyday shade, I don't know why I don't use it more.

Talk Like an Egyptian, a golden metallic shade, is the worse Catrice eyeshadow I tried because of its strange formula. It's badly pigmented and hard to apply on lids, because I can't achieve an even look if I don't have any base underneath. I have no idea what's the point of doing one bad metallic shade when you do amazing job with others.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadows contain 2 g and they costs 2,89 €. I definitely recommend you to swatch them in the store, before you're going to buy them, because the quality isn't the same by all shades, some are great and some are a total miss. I'd definitely recommend My First Copperware Party and Don't Touch My Mosserati. I also find I Like to Mauve It and Ooops ... Nude Did It Again! very nice.

Do you own any Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow? Whic one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

19. januar 2015

Review and Swatches: Essence Nail Polishes

Essence polishes are one of my favourite and if you’re going to sneak peek into my collection you’ll see that around a half of my collection are Essence polishes. I like Essence polishes, because they are cheap and they have amazing selection of colours. Okay, they are not very long lasting, but I personally don’t have a problem with that, because even OPI or Essie polishes, which cost 3 or 4 times more, don’t last much longer on my nails, so I rather buy a cheaper polish than one more expensive one.  Today I’m going to talk about four different polishes. I could probably do separate posts for each but I decided to post them all together.

Essence Colour&Go

Essence Juicy Red is a classic red nail polish. It has a bit runny formula, so a bit careful application is required if you don’t want to get nail polish all over your cuticles. This polish is opaque in two coats. Not the most unique colour, but very nice for people, who love reds. 

Essence I Love My Blue Jeans is a dark blue nail polish. It has a label “suede” on the bottle, which marks its finish. It has a semi-matte finish, because it’s not glossy and not completely matt. Its pigmentation is amazing and because it has a thicker formula, it can be opaque in one coat, but I always prefer to use two. Because it’s thicker it’s also great for stamping (the proof you can find here). Otherwise it applies nicely; I didn’t have any problems despite its thicker formula and strange Essence brush. Right after application it looks glossy, but in few seconds it dries semi-matte. I really like its finish, but I usually never wear it alone, I always do some kind of a nail art or stamp something over. 

Essence Effect Nail Polish

Essence Never Stop Dreaming is one very interesting polish. It has an orange-red shimmery base and it contains red, purple, orange hexagonal glitter. It’s very sheer, I wore three coats of it without a base and my nail line was still visible (you can see how it looks on its own here). For this swatch I applied two coats of it over Juicy Red, but I don’t really like this base for this polish. I think I should use something orangey to make it look prettier. Since this is a glittery polish, removal is not the easiest, I definitely recommend foil technique.

Essence Icy Fairy is probably the star of Essence nail polishes. Lately you could see it all around Slovenian beauty blogosphere and I decided not to share it on my blog, too, because many bloggers made great swatches. Well, since in this post I’m sharing few Essence polishes and I have two from the same collection (Effect Nail Polish) I decided to include it. Icy Fairy doesn’t have a transparent base, but a purple and blue shimmery one. It also contains a silver hexagonal glitter of different sizes. It looks nice over every single polish, but it looks the best over very dark or a black shade. I applied it over I Love My Blue Jeans here. One coat is enough to achieve this gorgeous sparkly look.  

Essence Colour&Go polishes are 1,79 € (10 ml) and Effect Nail Polishes are 1,49 € (8 ml). As much as I know all of these polishes are being discontinued.  Shade Juicy Fair will be released again, but with new gel formula. I’m really excited to try new polishes (and I’m hoping on nicer brush). I definitely recommend you to get Icy Fairy and I Love My Blue Jeans, I adore both (they’d probably end in my 2014 favourites, but I didn’t swatch any on my blog, so I didn’t mentioned them). 

What do you think about these polishes? Thank you for reading!

16. januar 2015

NOTD: Purple Flowers

I think I'm getting in a spring mood already. Lately I'm wearing mostly flowers on my nails. It's not like the weather isn't helping, because lately is so warm and sunny outside (it's this really a winter?). Today I want to show you a manicure I created with Born Pretty Store nail wraps that apply on nails the same way as water decals. I didn't use any base underneath, because these are opaque already themselves, but you can use it if you want. I had few problems by applying these, because they didn't want to stick immediately on the nails, so I tried to place them as nicely as possible and then I applied a top coat over them (I was doing each nail separately). These lasted two days on my nails with minimal tip wear. If you're wondering about my sloppy application on my pinkie it's because I applied them reversed. These wraps are quite long (which makes them perfect for different nail sizes) and some of them had flowers at the end. If I'd apply them as they should be applied I wouldn't get any flower on my nails and I didn't want that. 

You can get a set of 5 different flower designed nail wraps, a nail file and a wooden stick at Born Pretty Store for $5.46. If you're going to use my code DFL91, you'll get a 10% discount. 

What do you think of these nail wraps? Thank you for reading!
*This product was sent to me for review.

15. januar 2015

Review and Swatches: Catrice Luxury Lacquers Nail Polishes

At Cosnova event back in October I received few Catrice polishes from Luxury Lacquers collection. The difference between these and regular polishes is in the bottle, which is square, and in the brush, which is a random round brush, definitely better than the one polishes from Ultimate or Crushed Crystal collections have. There are actually two different Luxury Lacquers collections. One is called Liquid Metal and it contains 8 metallic nail polishes, and second one is called Million Brilliance and it contains 8 glittery nail polishes. 

Champaign Rain (Liquid Metal) is a golden metallic nail polish with a bit thicker formula, but it’s easy to apply. It requires two coats for full opacity. When I was comparing my golden polishes I left this one out, because I forgot I have it. It’s the closest to S-he 230, just that this one has rougher surface. The removal of this one is not the easiest, but again not as difficult as by glittery polishes. By removal the shimmer can end up all around the cuticles, so I always wash my hand very good after I remove this polish.  

It’s Showtime (Million Brilliance) is a silver glittery polish. It contains small round glitter and big chunky glitter. It has an ok formula, which applies nicely, although it’s quite hard to do a smooth line near the cuticles because of big glitter. This polish requires two thicker coats, but it also looks amazing layered over a silver base. Well, removal is difficult. As all glittery polishes this one is also hard to remove a regular way, so foil technique is necessary.

Plum Fiction (Million Brilliance) is a purple glittery polish. It has very similar formula and consistency to It’s Showtime, just less chunky glitter I’d say. It’s very pretty polish, but I can’t say I’m in love with it or that it has a special place in my heart collection. It’s one of those polishes that I use as a part of skittle manicures. The removal is PITA by this one as well, so I use a foil technique. This one is going to be discontinued soon, so if you really love it, now it’s your last chance to get it. 

Catrice Luxury Lacquers contain 11 ml and cost 3,79 €. Liquid Metal and Million Brilliance collections offer a nice selection of colors for people who like metallic and glittery polishes. The drying time is regular, they are not super-fast drying, but also doesn’t take for ever for them to dry. On me they lasted the same amount of time as all other polishes, which is around two days. My favourite is It’s Showtime, I only wish Catrice would made a metallic silver shade as well. J

Have you tried Catrice Luxury Lacquers nail polishes? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

13. januar 2015

FOTD: Ice Queen

I'm the worse at recreating makeup. I still have much to learn. Back in November I bought a magazine with the cover of an »Ice Queen« lady. I liked the cover so much that I decided to recreate it. Well, in the end I did more my own version, not a complete copy of the look from the magazine. I do like it, but I’m not 100% satisfied with it, I know I could do it better (but usually when I try to do something again. I just do it worse).

First I tried to do blue eyeshadow low as she wears it on photo, but I hated it on me. It just didn't look right. I decided to lift it up. Although it looked good in person, I hate how it looks on photo. I guess we can't have it all. I didn’t do such sharp end as she wears it, but I soften it. She doesn’t wear any false lashes on photo, so I didn’t add any as well, but I have a feeling that they are missing, I think this look would be better with them. Oh, and if you're wondering why dark blue eyeshadow isn't applied the same way on both sides it's because she doesn't have it applied the same way. Eyes aren’t my favourite, but I’m very satisfied with the lips.

On both sides she wear glitter on her temples and one side I think she has countered her temple with a blue eyeshadow and a glitter, but I decided to skip that. I used L’Oreal Lumi Base, because it gives such a gorgeous white glow to the cheeks, but on one side I also added a pearly eyeshadow to give it an extra glow. 

Products I used:
- L'Oreal Lumi Magique primer
- Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation Beige 100
- Maybelline Instant Anti-age concealer Fair
- Essence Stay All Day long lasting concealer Natural Beige
- Artistry Exact Fit Bisque powder

- Sleek Face Form Kit Fair (bronzer)
- Golden Rose Candy Pink
- Sleek Pomegranate
- Essence Fairy Dust pigment

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Curacao (Blue Lagoon, Martini, Espresso Martini)
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Dark palette (Ink, Pillow Talk)
- NYX Milk
- Essence Liquid Ink High Gloss eyeliner
- S-he glitter eyeliner
- Essence Fairy Dust pigment
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes for brows)
- NYX Milk
- Pillow Talk from Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Dark palette
- Essence Fairy Dust pigment
- S-he glitter eyeliner

- Essence Cute Pink lipliner
- NYX Butter Gloss Vanillan Cream Pie
- NYX Milk
- Essence Fairy Dust pigment
- S-he glitter eyeliner

Tell me, what do you think about my re-creation? Thank you for reading!