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In January I Loved

Dear ladies, as I promised monthly favourites are back. I decided to title them differently as in the past and I hope you won't mind the new title. I'm planning monthly favourites as a regular series from now on because I know you like to read this kind of posts and I really enjoy sharing products I loved with you. 

Alessandro Nail Spa base coat
I got this one in an Alessandro calendar in December and I'm using it ever since on my nails. It has a very lovely formula that applies smoothly on nails, it dries shiny and fast. Nail polish is very easy to apply over it. It works great with every nail polish brand and I'm not sure if it's because of this top coat, but lately my manicures last quite some time (meaning, they don't chip after a day, which is a win for me). 

Models Own Turquoise Sea
This creamy turquoise nail polish with the most amazing formula stole my heart immediately after I first applied it on my nails. In January I wore it constantly. It applies like a dream and it also lasted for three days, so I didn't need to change my manicure that quickly. I already have prepared swatches, so you can expect them in a day or two on my blog. The shade itself is not that unique and I probably have some dupes in my collection, but the formula it's just amazing. 

Balea Aqua Serum
This serum is in my essential bag for ages and I still love it as at the beginning. Its lightweight formula sinks into the skin quickly and provides an additional moisture my skin needs now during winter. No matter which serum I try I always return to this one, because for 3 € I get everything I need from it.

One of most used lip products in January was Artistry lipliner in Dusty Rose. Beside the lovely shade I really like its creamy formula that doesn't dry out  my lips. I often combined it with Golden Rose 14 lipstick, because togehter they look very pretty on lips and the combination lasts longer than lipliner on its own. You can read a whole review here

This is a very gentle cleansing gel that does its job perfectly. Because it's so gentle it's perfect for sensitive skin (my skin is lately experiencing big changes). It doesn't dry the skin and it doesn't irritate it. It has a very pleasant natural scent, which I love because I'm not a big fan of strong natural scents. You can read a whole review here (in Slovene).

Golden Rose Velvet Matte 14 and 28
Golden Rose matte lipstick have very pleasant creamy lightweight formula that doesn't feel very drying on lips. Of course, they do emphasise dry parts on lips a bit, but despite that I wore them constantly in January. Shade 14 is an interesting rosy nude lipstick, but still very noticeable on lips. 28 is the most beautiful purple lipstick I've seen. It's quite dary lipstick to wear, but I really love it. 

I never believed that combing hair is easier with Tangle Teezer than other brushes until I haven't tried it myself. It's such an amazing comb that brushes to the hair quickly and easy, even if the hair is knotted. And I also have to mention that I adore orange-yellow neon combination, it just screams my name. More here (in Slovene). 

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Review and Swatches: Catrice Graphic Grace LE

The latest Catrice limited edition collection is called Graphic Grace, and for the past month, I've been testing two products from this collection - a blush and an eyeshadow palette. The whole collection looked very lovely, especially lipsticks, but I guess I must be overwhelmed with products or something because I didn't get anything else, although I did find an untouched stand in Müller.

Quattro Palette 01 Linear Lines
The eyeshadow palette is a standard Catrice quattro palette in plastic transparent packaging with an interesting graphic design on the lid. It contains four eyeshadows - three of them are nudes and one is pink. All shades look matte in the packaging, but when I swatched them I noticed that two lightest shades contain tiny glitter. Eyeshadows are really nicely pigmented and blendable, but they do dust a bit. I didn't have any problem with creasing on my normal lids, but I did notice that after few hours they faded a bit. The texture of these eyeshadows is nicely buttery, but I find this palette the most appropriate for beginners in makeup. What I don't understand by this palette is pink eyeshadow. It's true that it's a subtle pink and appropriate for "touch of colour" make up, but not many people would wear pink on eyes on a daily basis, especially not people who normally wear natural look. I personally don't mind wearing pink on my lids, but I normally combine it with other, more colourful shades. Smaller eyeshadows contain 1,5 g and bigger 2, 5 g of products (which is 8 g in total). The price is 4,69 €

Blush Structured Shapes
The blush Structured Shapes comes in a plastic transparent square packaging. The design is very interesting, it has pink and coral stripes. Mixed together the blush gives a nice coral colour to cheeks. The pigmentation is beyond amazing. This is definitely one of the best pigmented Catrice blushes I've tried and it needs to be applied lightly because one can quickly apply it too much. I have a feeling that not everyone is going to like this blush because if you have a heavy hand like me, you can quickly end up looking like a clown. And no one wants that. Its texture is very silky and it contains no shimmer. For the swatch, I applied it heavier on my cheeks because I wanted to show you how pretty it looks, but I usually apply it more lightly. It blends really nicely. The duration time is amazing because on me it lasts a whole day (that means at least 10 hours) with minimal fading away. I'm really in love with this blush. You get 8,2 g for 4,29 €.

I'm really impressed by the blush and I would recommend it while I don't find the palette that special. Its quality is nice, but the shades are not something I would be over the moon about. I find the palette perfect for beginners in makeup, but if your collection of nude eyeshadows is big this palette won't offer you something new.

This collection is already available in Müller and it will also come in DM if it hasn't yet.

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What's New in My Makeup Bag (January 2016)

I decided that instead of a boring New In title my posts will get more interesting What's New in My Makeup Bag title. I can't remember if I got inspired to this title by any of the bloggers (if I did please let me know and I'll give you a credit) or it was just a current inspiration. It took me so long to write this post. Simply because for the past two days I had such a strong headache that I wasn't able to think properly. But here I am finally with the post a lot of you a lot of you is always happy to read.

New Catrice products are already available by us and I got four products from my wish list, while the fifth one (contouring palette) was sold out. So far I only tried HD Multi-talent Powder and Makeup in shade Light Beige, which I only use for mattifying my skin and I have to say the first impression was quite good. It looks natural, non-cakey and even after few hours the skin isn't shiny. But I'll tell you more after a longer period of testing. I still have to apply it with a sponge to see how it'll work that way. I also tried Prime and Fine Brightening eyeshadow base, but so far I didn't notice any difference comparing to an older version of Prime and Fine base (except that new one is white). I'll have to test them side by side with few different colours and finishes to see if there is any difference or not. Two products that still have to be tested are Prime and Shine Anti-Shine Blur Stick and Blush Artist Shading Palette in shade 02 Corall I Need.

I also got few new Essence products. I bought mascara Forbidden Volume Rebel, but was so disappointed. This mascara does lengthens the lashes a bit and it curves them, but it gives them only a natural look with minimal volume. Even Essence waterproof mascaras give better volume. I really expected more here. The second product is Shape Your Face contouring palette. My mind about this product is still not completely made up. I have a feeling like this is a not a very good replika of Sleek's Face Form kit. The bronzer is okay, nicely pigmented, although it has slightly more orange undertone as Sleek's bronzer, the highlighter is fine, but not my favourite, while blush is the one that bothers me the most. It's a peachy shade, which I would normally love till death, but while it swatches nicely with fingers I feel like when I apply it with a brush I mostly apply chunky glitters on my face and it needs few layers before the colour becomes visible. The last product I got is a lipstick in Velvet Matt. It's a nice dark purple shade, but I'll probably wait till the whole assortment will be available here and then I'll swatch all lipsticks (I still plan to get few) in one post.

Last Saturday us bloggers from Pomurje had our own little event and we were blessed with so many goodies to try. Avon gave us Senses Mood Therapy Indulgent shower gel, Skin So Soft Golden Bliss hand and body souffle and Perfectly Matte lipstick in shade Adoring Love. I'm really loving souffle, it has such a nice texture, and what I appreciate the most is the scent. I'm currently in a state in which I can't stand strong scents, and soft creamy scents smell divine to me. Of course, I'm the most excited to try the lipstick because I'm reading so many positive reviews about matte range. Not to mention that all the other Avon lipsticks I've tried are amazing.

From Oriflame, we got Giordani Gold foundation in shade Light Ivory, The One Illuskin face primer, which gives such an interesting glow to the skin, The One care lip balm Nude and The One eyeshadow stick Sahara Bronze.

From Herbio, we got shower gel Cotton Seed and Regenerating Cream. I have to mention that their packaging looks so gorgeous - simple, but beautiful. Dvorec Trebnik gave us two products from their DT line, which doesn't stop to amaze me. We got shower gel Rosemary and Shea Butter cream, which is praised by many people. And there's one new lipstick in my collection. This one I got from Ličila.si and it's from Sleek (shade Intense Berry).

In January, I also received new Bourjois City Radiance foundation in shade Ivory Rose. I think this foundation will make very happy the people with pink undertone because on me it looks noticeable pink (I have yellow undertone, btw) and it's a bit too dark. I have no idea what Bourjois is thinking lately because this one and Air Mat's lightest shade are quite dark for pale people (at least too dark for me. I like older Bourjois foundations better, the lightest shade of Healthy Mix foundation or serum is usually a good match for me in winter). But I have to say City Radiance has a very lovely formula that works good for me, so I'm sad that the shade is not the best match for me. I will do a comparison of City Radiance and Air Mat foundations, and I think I'll also include Healthy Mix foundation. Let me know what you think.
The second product I got is Radiance Reveal concealer in Ivory. This one is lovely, with nice coverage and it really brightens up my under eye area, while it can cling to fine lines.

I was asked to test multipurpose cream Egyptian Magic. It's made from 100 % natural ingredients and it can be used for different purposes (as face cream, to nourish the skin on body and hands, as a lip balm ...). It has a waxy texture that melts when it comes in touch with the skin and I was surprised how fast it sinks into the skin. I tried it on my face as a face cream, I used it to moisture my hands, I used it on my body instead of a body lotion and so far I'm really liking this cream. It makes skin soft and nourished.

At the beginning of the month, Click2Chic surprised me with a package of 5 Models Own polishes (Chrome Pearl, Chrome Turquoise, Crystal Pink, Everday Grey ad Turquoise Sea). Readers that follow me for a longer time know that I'm a fan of Models Own polishes, so this package really made my day. I already swatched all polishes, I just need to edit photos and I'll probably write a review once next week.

From my dear Tara (The Beauty of Nail Polish) I received this gorgeous Dance Legend Anna Gorelova Datura polish. It's a holographic polish with multichrome flakies which make it very special.

The month I thought it'll be rather poor with new products turned out to be a month, full of new goodies to try. I'll try to test all the products as soon as possible to tell you what I think about them, but I don't promise anything because you know how life is - sometimes things just come in a way. Of course, if you're interested in any of the products I mentioned let me know and I'll try to review it as quickly as possible. On the top of my list are Essence and Catrice products, following by Bourjois products. 

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