19. april 2015

NOTD: The Coral Spring

After such a long post as yesterday’s My Blush Collection was I was in a mood for something shorter today. I haven’t posted any nail art for a while, and recently I wore one very interesting, spring inspired manicure that actually wasn’t a stamping manicure, but a free-hand one. Polishes I used for this manicure are S-he Stylezone 115, Essence Off to Miami, Essence Makes Me Weak and Born Pretty Store golden stamping polish. I also made a tutorial. 

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nails. Then use 2 coats of a white nail polish.
Step 2: When white polish dries a bit, apply a coral shade on a half of the nail. Application doesn’t need to be perfect, because we’re going to do a line in the middle of a nail.
Step 3: Use a golden nail polish and draw a line between both shades.
Step 4: Use a coral nail polish and a dotting tool do draw few bigger dots on a side where white nail polish is.
Step 5: Use a brighter coral/peachy shade and draw thin lines into the dot. That way we’re going to get flowers.
Step 6: Do few golden dots around flowers.
Step 7: When everything we use dries a bit, use a top coat to seal your manicure. 

I hope you like this manicure. Thank you for reading!

18. april 2015

My Blush Collection

I admit I'm obsessed with blushes. There was a time when I didn’t use blushes, because I thought I don’t need them, but when I discovered how gorgeously they define my face I felt in love and start buying them like crazy. Today I decided to show you my blush collection. I was actually preparing this post for months now, but taking photos and editing took me so much time that I needed a little break in between. :P Most of my blushes are from drugstore and probably a half of them are from limited edition collection, so this won’t be a long post of reviews, but not so short preview of my collection with information if these blushes are still available and where you can get them. 

This is a light pink shade with a very strong shimmer that isn’t overwhelming on the face, it rather gives it a glow. Its pigmentation it’s good, but it’s not the most long lasting blush. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Pinkerbell
Pinkebell is my favourite pink blush. It’s from Catrice’s collection Defining blushes and it’s still available (you can get it in Müller). It’s amazingly pigmented, so I have to apply it gently to achieve a nice look, it blends nicely and it gives a matte finish to the face.

Mission Flower is a hot pink shade that has a creamy finish, but during application it changes into a powdery one. It’s nicely pigmented and easy to blend, and despite its strong colour it looks natural on skin. It was a part of Essence Guerilla Gardening TE.

Yves Rocher Taint Clair Rose
Taint Clair Rose is a very gentle rosy blush with a matte finish. I have to say I was very disappointed by this one, because it’s badly pigmented. It’s buildable, but appropriate only for fair people. It also doesn’t last very long on me. It’s available at Yves Rocher store.

Before Catrice released Defining blushes of only one shade they had Defining duo blushes with two shades. Pink Grapefruit Cake gives a pinky-coral colour if we mix both its shades together and it’s really a nice silky, pigmented blush. Its finish is matte. It’s discontinued.

Flormar Blush-On 89
I have a confession to make. I haven’t worn this blush on my cheeks yet. I don’t know why, because it’s a pretty pink matte shade with an amazing pigmentation. In Slovenia Flormar is sold in Supernova in Ljubljana.

Prima Ballerina is a perfect shade for summer due to its creamy texture that’s easy and quick to apply and blend on skin with fingers. It’s a pink matte shade and blended on skin looks quite natural. It was a part of Essence Ballerina Backstage collection.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer O’Boy
I only have one blush from Makeup Revolution, but I’m impressed. This is a pink matte creamy blush and its pigmentation amazed me. I need only a tiny bit of product to achieve a nice looking colour on my face and it stains which prolongs its duration. It’s available on Ličila.si.

MUA Shade 1
This is a bright matte pink shade with powdery texture. Its pigmentation is good, although not as amazing as by some other blushes. I don’t think it’s still available in Slovenia, but in the past it was sold on Ličila.si.

Catrice Defining blush Think Pink
Think Pink is a shade that I got because of Mateja’s review. It’s a gorgeous coral-pink shade with great pigmentation and it gives a matte look to the skin. Catrice Defining blushes have a very silky formula and are easy to blend. It’s available in Müller and maybe at DM and Tuš drugstore, too (I actually haven’t check Catrice stand in those stores properly yet).

Bed of Flowers is a dark fuchsia creamy blush that looks more pinkish on cheeks. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. It was a part of Catrice Eve in Bloom limited edition collection.

Candy Pink is a matte pink shade with nice pigmentation. Unfortunately it isn’t available anywhere in Slovenia, I got it in a swap from Serbia.

Sleek Pomegranate
I adore Sleek blushes and this one is my favourite. It’s a berry shimmery shade with amazing pigmentation. I need to touch it with a brush only a bit and it already gives a colour to my cheeks. The most amazes me the duration time. This blush last up to 10 hours on my cheeks – it depends how strong I apply it. I bought it at Mojadrogerija.si.

This is a dark burgundy red shimmery shade that looses the intention on cheeks and gets more pinkish undertone. Its pigmentation is amazing and it’s definitely one of the most amazing and my favourite drugstore blushes. It’s available in Müller.

Shy Pink is a darker pink shade with golden shimmer. It’s a nice blush, but completely neglected and unused. I think Fleur de Sante isn’t available in Slovenia anymore (correct me if I’m wrong).

If I neglect not so pretty packaging, this blush is an okay drugstore product. It’s a reddish pink shimmery shade with an okay pigmentation, but buildable. I bought it on sale last year, and I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or not, but S-he Stylezone brand is available at DM.

This is a reddish coral shade with an okay pigmentation. It was a part of Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40ties limited edition collection.

Rose is one of my first blushes, and I love it, but when my collection started to grow I completely neglected it. It’s a rosy matte shade with a good pigmentation and it looks gorgeous on skin. It was part of Mademoiselle limited edition collection that had the most gorgeous packaging.

Renesmee Red is a dark red matte shade and it’s quite unique. Luckily it doesn’t look horrible on me, but I don’t use it much, because red blushes are not really my favourite to wear. It was a part of Essence Breaking Dawn TE collection.

This is a bright red matte shade that’s quite sheer, but buildable. It was a part of Catrice Glamazona limited edition collection.

Sleek Life’s a Peach
No matter if it’s shimmery or matte Sleek knows how to make a great blush. Life’s a Peach is a matte shade that isn’t as pigmented as Pomegranate, but still enough to give a colour to the face quickly. I got it at Moja drogerija.

East Side Story is an orange good pigmented blush with tiny shimmer that isn’t too noticeable on the face. It was a part of Essence Kalinka TE collection.

Peach Punk is a vivid peachy-orange creamy shade. It was a part of Essence Rebels TE collection.

Sleek Rose Gold
Rose Gold is a blush that you love or hate. I personally adore it. It’s a peachy shade with golden shimmer and it’s an amazing shade to use in summer on tanned skin, because it gives it such a gorgeous glow. Like Pomegranate it’s amazingly pigmented and lasts on me for ages. I bought it on Mojadrogerija.si.

I still remember the fuzz that was going on when this blush came out. The gradient effect of this blush made everyone excited and I wasn’t the exception. It’s really a great blush. It has a matte finish and a great pigmentation. All colours together give a nice coral shade, which is one of my favourite shades to wear on cheeks. This blush was a part of Essence Miami Roller TE collection, but last year they released it again in their permanent assortment.

Catrice Defining blush Love&Peach
Another blush from amazing Catrice Defining blush collection. Love&Peach is a vivid peach matte shade. As other blushes from this range it’s silky, easy to apply and blend and I also must not forget the great duration time on my skin. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Defining blush Mandy-rine
Mandy-rine is my all time favourite blush. It’s a gentle peachy matte shade with good pigmentation and silky texture that makes it easy to apply and blend on cheeks. I really adore the natural effect it gives to my skin and the fact that I can combine it with any look I want and it won’t look overwhelming on my face.  It’s available in Müller.

This is another of old Catrice duo blushes that’s discontinued. It’s a gentle peachy shade with tiny shimmer.

Essence Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty is a brownish shade that contains tiny shimmer. Its formula is very silky and the pigmentation very good. Applied on the skin it doesn’t look brown, but it gives it such a natural looking effect. The shimmer is also noticeable, so highlighter is not required. It’s available in stores that sell Essence products. 

Coral Me Maybe is a coral shimmery shade that’s not very pigmented, but it’s buildable on cheeks and easy blendable. It’s available in Müller.

Grapefruit Jelly is a light pink matte shade with really amazing silky texture. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. In Slovenia you can get it in online store Destination Pretty.

Essence Soo Blush! Sweet as a Peach
Sweet as a Peach is a peach creamy shade with a great pigmentation. I noticed that it doesn’t last that long on my skin if I don’t set it with powder blush, but it’ll be perfect to use in summer for a nice glowy skin look. It’s available in all drugstores that sell Essence. 

Ap-ri(c)ot is is on a list of my favourite blushes. It’s a coral matte blush with a good pigmentation. It gives such a fresh look to my face and it’s easy to build up if I want to achieve stronger look. It was part of Essence Be Loud TE collection.

Asian Sensations is a duo blush that gives a peachy-coral look to the cheeks. It’s very silky, pigmented and easy blendable. It was part of Essence Cherry Blossom TE collection.

It’s Popul-art had one of the prettiest designs Essence ever made. It’s a peachy-coral shade with not the best pigmentation, but it’s buildable. It was part of Essence Vintage District TE collection. 

This is a peachy-coral matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette that was a part of Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a plum matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette.

This is a pink matte blush from Paris palette that was a part of Catrice Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a peachy matte blush from Paris palette. 

Explosion is a peachy-coral shade with an amazing colour payoff and a matte finish. In Slovenia you can get it in online store Glossy.si.

Pink Me is a pink matte duo blush with not very good pigmentation from this year’s Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss.

From the same Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss I also got Nothing but Lovestoned that is a peachy matte shade with the same poor pigmentation as Pink Me. 

I hope you successfully came through this post. It was long, but I hope that it was interesting. If you follow me on social media, you may have or may have not notice that there’s one blush missing. Recently I received a Mememe Blush Box Rouge. Because I already had everything prepared for this post (photos were taken and edited) I didn’t include it, but in a week or two (or three) there will be its review on my blog.

Tell me, how many blushes there are in your collection and which ones are your favourite. Thank you for reading!

15. april 2015

Review and Swatches: Artistry Exact Fit Cream Powder

Because I have a normal skin I never devoted too much attention to powders because almost everyone works for me. As long as my skin doesn’t look cakey I’m okay with that. But when I started to use Artistry Exact Fit powder in the shade Cream I discovered that a quality powder can make a big difference is someone’s foundation routine. My skin has never looked as great as it does since I included this powder in my routine.

Artistry is a brand that offers makeup and skin care products. Their products are not the cheapest so I expected a lot from their powder. And it didn’t disappoint me. The packaging is quite luxurious. The lid is golden with a big A letter on the top and inside you get a powder and a sponge for applying powder, but I never used it (I’m pretty satisfied with my Ebelin brush). The big letter A is also engraved on the powder. By the mail the packaging, powder (refill) and sponge came packed separately in cute black bags. Then I put the refill into the packaging myself. Inside there’s a mirror, which is always handy for applying powder or re-touching your makeup during the day. The packaging is very quality made and it won’t brake easily. Because it’s not too big it’s great for carrying around in purse or for travelling.   

I got the shade Cream (although I ashed Bisque), which is a light warm shade. This powder has a very good coverage and it’s a good match for my skin tone. I especially love to use it when I’m doing bolder looks, because together with my foundation it gives my skin such a nice coverage and it covers every imperfection, so that my skin looks flawless. It looks very natural on the skin and it doesn’t emphasize any dry parts. It prolongs the duration of my foundation and even after 8, 9 hours my skin still looks amazing. This powder also has SPF 20. It matiffies the skin, but after few hours I can notice a shine on my forehead. I have a normal skin and that shine is usually very gentle, but I can’t say how it would work on oily or combination skin.

Artistry Exact Fit powder exist in 8 shades and in all tones (if you want to know which shade matches your skin tone the best, check out their page, where everything is very well explained). You get 12 g of a product for 49,61 €. You can also buy the packaging (23,50 €) and the refill (29,77 €) separately. I do love this powder because of the natural and flawless effect it gives to my skin, but I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself, because I find it too expensive for my budget. 12 g is a lot of product and although I set myself a goal to hit the pan on it till the end of the year, I doubt I bit I’ll manage to do that because I use it with every look I do for few months now and I used it only a bit (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here).

More looks of me wearing this powder here.

Have you tried Artistry products? What do you think about this powder? Thank you for reading!
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14. april 2015

Review: Nanshy Marvel 4in1 Makeup Blending Sponge

There are few makeup tools for applying foundation, but for achieving a natural look there’s no better tool than a makeup sponge. I haven’t try them many – I have one cheap from Tedi, one from Ebelin I bought back in December in Austria and Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge that I’m going to review today. 

Nanshy is a new brand in Slovenian market and they offer makeup tools. One of them is a makeup sponge that comes in a mint colour, which is very exciting for me who loves all shades of green and doesn’t adore pink colour in which most of makeup sponges are. Most of makeup sponges are shaped like an egg with straight surface, but Nanshy has a special shape. It’s wider on the bottom and on the top and narrower in the middle. The middle part is narrow so that you can easier hold the sponge in your hand. One part on the top is flat and that enables you to reach and blend the foundation or the concealer in smaller and hard to reach areas. 

Nanshy sponge is very soft, if I compare it to Ebelin and Tedi sponges, and it’s also bigger. Tedi and Ebelin sponges keep the shape when I damp them, but Nanshy expands. You have to damp the sponge for smoother application. The application of a foundation with damp sponge gives a nice, natural look to the face, but I use up more foundation when I apply it with a sponge as I do when I apply it with a brush. That’s probably because the sponge soaks up some foundation during application. The sponge applies and blends the foundation perfectly and what I love about it is that there aren’t any visible brush strokes. It’s also easy to build up a foundation with it without getting a cakey look. I usually use the flat part to blend the foundation around my nose and the concealer under my eyes. When I use sponges I always stick to the tapping method; I think that because of this method foundation sets better on my skin. 

I recommend washing the sponge after every usage. It soaks up the product every time you use it and if you use it few times it also takes more time to clean it (not to mention bacteria that starts to collect on the sponge). For cleaning I always use a hard soap, because it cleans it better than a shampoo. I hold it under the pipe and squeeze it for so long that the clean water comes out. After that I know the sponge is clean. But no matter how much I clean it the foundation always leaves the marks on the sponge. I use it for quite some time now and I have washed it many times. The sponge still looks great, except of the top that is frayed a bit. 

If you use makeup sponges to apply your foundation you’re going to love Nanshy Marves sponge, because it really works great. You can get it on Click2Chic for 7,49 € and on Nanshy official site for £5,95. 

Have you tried anything from Nanshy? How do you like their products? Thank you for reading!

Slovensko besedilo:
Podlago lahko na obraz nanašamo s prsti, raznoraznimi čopiči in gobicami, ampak naraven videz podlage najlažje dosežemo s slednjimi. Sama jih nisem preizkusila veliko, samo 3. Eno imam iz Tedija, lani sem v Avstriji kupila Ebelinovo, pred kratkim pa sem prejela Nanshy Marvel 4 v 1 gobico, ki jo bom ocenila danes.

Nanshy je znamka, ki se je na slovenskem tržišču pojavila šele pred kratkim, ponujajo pa čopiče in gobice za nanos ličil. Ker sama obožujem vse odtenke zelene barve, sem prav navdušena nad barvo gobice, saj je mint barve in ne roza, kot večina gobic. Tudi njen izgled je drugačen, saj njena jajčasta oblika ni ravna kot pri ostalih gobicah, ampak je spodaj in zgoraj širša, na sredini pa ožja. Prednost ožje sredine je v lažjem držanju gobice med nanosom podlage ali korektorja. Še ena posebnost pri obliki pa je to, da je gobica na vrhu na eni strani ravno prirezana. Ta del omogoča lahek nanos izdelka na težje dostopna mesta, kot je npr. področje okrog nosu, in lažje blendanje izdelka na področju okrog oči.   

Gobica Nanshy je zelo mehka na dotik, dosti bolj kot Ebelinova in Tedijeva, poleg tega pa je večja. Ne Ebelinova ne Tedijeva gobica ne spremenita velikosti, ko ju namočim pod vodo, Nanshyeva pa postane večja. Nanos podlage z mokro gobico ustvari lep in naraven izgled, primeren je pa predvsem za dekleta s suho kožo, saj suhi predeli na ta način sploh ne bodo poudarjeni. Negativna stran gobic je dejstvo, da vpijejo kar nekaj izdelka in Nanshy gobica ni izjema, tako da pri nanosu z gobico vedno porabim več podlage, kot če jo nanašam s čopičem. Je pa njena prednost, da ni vidnih sledi čopiča; kar se tiče blendanja in nanosa, pa odlično opravi delo. Ponavadi stisnem nekaj kapljic podlage na zgornji del roke in jo nanesem na kožo s spodnjim širokim delom, potem pa s ploščatim delom tapkam po obrazu, da se podlaga lepo zlije s kožo. Zgornji ploščati del uporabim tudi za blendanje korektorja pod očmi.

Ker pri enem nanosu ponavadi umažem celo gobico in ker se želim izogniti nabiranju bakterij, gobico perem po vsaki uporabi. Na ta način jo je tudi lažje očistiti, saj vpije kar nekaj podlage. Perem jo s trdim milom, in sicer tako, da jo namilim, potem pa jo močim pod vodo in ožemam, dokler iz nje ne priteče čista voda. Takrat vem, da je gobica očiščena. Kljub pogostemu čiščenju na gobici ostajo sledi podlage, ki se ne dajo odstraniti, vendar pa je obdržala obliko in tudi trpežnost, edino konica je malce obrabljena, kar dokazuje, da je gobica res kvalitetno narejena. 

Če obožujete gobice za nanos podlage, bo ta več kot primerna za vas. Dobite jo v spletni trgovini Click2Chic za 7,49 €

Ste že preizkusile Nanshy izdelke? Kaj menite o njih? Hvala za pozornost!

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13. april 2015

How I Photograph My Makeup Looks

I often get asked how I take my makeup photos, how do I do my selfies, which camera do I use etc. Well, today I decided to share with you few tips and tricks I learned since I started posting makeup looks on my blog. I just want to make clear that I’m not a professional photographer and I don’t know that much about photography. What I’m going to tell you today are things that I learned in last few years and that work for me.

Which camera do I use?
The camera I use is Nikon Coolpix S3300. I received it few years ago as a gift for Christmas and it serves me well since then. It makes good photos, and because it’s small it’s easy to hold in hand. Two years ago I also purchased a tripod, which I use very rarely, because I take most of my photos outside on my balcony, where it’s impossible to use it.

When and where I take my photos?
Whomever you’re going to ask how and when to take photos of your makeup they are going to tell you in the morning or afternoon, but never in direct sun light. I always photograph my makeup in the forenoon, because my room is on west and in the morning the sun is never shining in my room and on my balcony. In the past I took few makeup photos in my room, but photos were always so blue and I never liked them, so later I discovered that if I take them on my balcony in the forenoon they look the best. My background looks grey, but that’s because we don’t have a facade, only an insulating layer. I was thinking to put a white paper on a wall, but people are already looking me strange when I take my photos outside, what even if I’d have a special background, haha. :D But that’s one of the things that comes with blogging and I got use to it. Sometimes when I see a bigger group of people or acquaintances I get in my room and when they pass our house I go back again. I do that because I really don’t want to get asked what am I doing and then explaining everything. The most annoying thing that can happen by taking photos outside is the wind. And that happens often. If the wind isn’t strong it’s okay, but when it’s very strong I can’t take a proper photo, because my hair is all around me, in my mouth, in front of my face, and then I usually take a lot of bad photos. I personally don’t like taking photos in the evening under artificial light or with flash, because the light is too yellow and colours are often washed out.
To show you the difference between photos taken outside and in my room in front of a window I photographed the same look on both locations. As you can see photos taken inside look too blue.  I think it has something to do with my green walls. But telling the truth, I don’t want white walls, I like green ones, because green makes me happy.

Left: in front of the window inside. Right: outside in the shadow. 

How I take my photos?
My camera is small and light, so I always hold it in my hand. If I photograph my whole face I hold in so far away that my hand is almost straight, but when I photograph my eye makeup I hold it closer. With time I learned how I have to hold my camera to get my whole face on photo, but if you’re just starting help yourself with a mirror. Try different angles to discover which photos of your makeup are the best. If you’re having a small camera like I hold it in one hand and a mirror in other. If you’re having DSLR camera you’ll probably need a tripod. A tripod is also a good solution if your hands are very shaky. That way you’ll get clear photos.
When I photograph my full face I never use a macro mode, because it makes my photos blurry (remember, I take photos from far away). But when I photograph my eyes I always turn on the macro mode so my photos end up clear. I always take a lot of photos, definitely something between 100 and 200. I take as much photos as possible, just in case, because it often happens that photos are out of focus or I have hair on my face and similar. 
During the photo shoot process I always check on photos I already took. That way I see if any of photos end up blurry, how I look on them, if my posses are okay, what I have to fix (I often hold chin up while taking photos and then I try to hold my head straight).
Other question I often get asked is how I take such good photos of my eye. Always when I photograph my eye or myself looking straight I lift my eyebrows up. That way colours on my lids are better seen. Also, when you focus on eye look taking a photo of an eye while looking down is always a good idea, because that way you can show your readers the party that’s going on on lids. I often take photos of my eye makeup when I’m looking down, although not always.

How I edit my photos?
For editing I use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). GIMP is a free program for editing and it’s very easy to use. It’s true I don’t master it completely, but functions I need for editing are simple to learn.
Usually I don’t do anything special while editing my makeup photos. I check every photo I took and choose the ones I like the best. I open them in GIMP, crop them, sometimes I fix the light if photo seems too dark and then I save them. That’s it. I crop photos because I usually don’t get on a photo only that what I want to show you, but more. I never photograph just my eye for a close-up eye photo, but always a half on my face as well, and that needs to be cut out. First I use a tool “Rectange select tool” and I mark the surface I want to keep. Then I click on “Image” and “Crop to selection” and my photo is ready. In the end I always export photo (“File” and “Export as”) to save it as .jpg or .png, because if I click “Save as” it saves it in .xcf form.

  • Natural light is amazing for taking photos. I usually do it early in the forenoon, because then photos look the best. I don’t use a flash and I don’t like taking photos under artificial light, because it makes photos too yellow and colours are often washed out.
  • Avoid the direct sunlight, because it will make you look yellow. If you’re taking photos outside, make sure you take them in a shadow and inside take them in front of the window in indirect sunlight. The better daylight you have in your room the better photos will look. Mine personally look too blue, but some other bloggers do perfect photos of their makeup inside.
  • The background should be as simple as possible, because you want all the focus on makeup, not on what’s in the background. Mine looks grey, but it’s simple and it doesn’t bother me.
  • If your hand is too shaky use a tripod. That way your photos won’t end up too blurry.
  • If you want to know what you’re photographing use a mirror. If you can’t hold a camera and a mirror in hands at the same time, use a tripod for a camera. Or if you’re taking photos inside, place a mirror on a table or a chair in front of you (you’ll probably have to sit on the floor to take photos).
  • If you want to show your entire makeup photograph your whole face and if you want to show your eye makeup hold a camera as close as possible and focus on eye. When photographing your eye makeup turn the macro mode option on, otherwise the camera won’t focus on eye and your photos will end up blurry.
  • For editing photos use any photo editor you like. I personally use GIMP, which is a free photo editor and it’s simple to use. Select the photo you want to publish and crop out the contest you want to show to your followers.
  • Practise makes perfect. Practise and try different angles and poses to figure out which one works best for you. You can practise in front of a mirror before taking photos. After some time when you’re going to learn what works the best for you, taking photos of your makeup will become a piece of cake for you.

I hope this post was helpful. If I forgot to mention something and you have something to add, just tell me and my readers in the comments bellow.

How do you photograph your makeup? Thank you for reading!

09. april 2015

The Blush Tag

I haven't done any tag for a while, so I thought I'd do one today. I'm a huge blush lover and soon I’m going to publish a post in which I'm going to show you all of my blushes, but before that I decided to do The Blush Tag.

How many blushes do you own?
Around 43, if I didn't forget to count any. And most of them are drugstore, not to mention a half of them are probably from limited edition collections.

What is your favourite blush brush?
Ecotools brush blush. It's just the best. Soft, dense, it picks up just enough of a product and it blends the blush on the cheeks amazingly. 

Cream vs. Powder?
Although I'm a fan of both finishes, I prefer powder blushes. I just find them easier to work with and they also last longer on my skin. Cream blushes are more “summer type” blushes for me.

Peach vs. Pink and favourite of each?
What about corals? Because corals are my favourite. Otherwise I prefer peach blushes. My favourite peach blush is Catrice Mandy-rine. It gives such a natural look to my cheeks, which I adore. My favourite in pink family would probably be Catrice Pinkerbell. It’s amazingly pigmented blush and I have to be careful by application, because I can quickly look like a clown if I apply it too much, but a right amount of a blush gives a nice rosy touch to the cheeks.

Drugstore vs. High End and favourite of each?
I don't think I have any high end blush, but my favourite from drugstore are Catrice Defining blushes. The colour selection is not big, but they change assortment all the time and they always release very interesting and wearable shade. The fact that most of them (if not all) are matte is even bigger plus.

Most overrated?
Can I go with the ones that disappointed me? Because I doubt I own any blush most people are bragging about (like high end blushes and similar). Very disappointing blushes for me were Maybelline 201 that looks horrible on me and Yves Rocher Taint Clair Rose which is so light that's barely visible on my skin. I could probably add Essence blushes from recent limited edition collection Like an Unforgettable Kiss here as well, because they weren’t that nicely pigmented as usually their blushes from LE collections are.

Most underrated?
Nothing comes on my mind, sorry.

Worth the hype?
Here I'd say Catrice Defining blushes and Sleek blushes. Both brands have amazing brushes that are great pigmented and last for hours on cheeks. Favourite from Catrice is Mandy-rine and from Sleek Pomegranate. 

Top 5 blushes everyone should own?
Okay, this question is hard. I mostly own drugstore blushes and some of my favourite are from limited edition collections, so I guess I have to exclude those here. I'm going to name 5 of my favourites that are still available: Catrice Mandy-rine, Catrice Coral Me Maybe, Sleek Pomegranate, Sleek Rose Gold and Maybelline 501. 

What blushes are on your WL?
Mac blushes, of course. In December I was in Graz, standing before Mac stand with blushes and there were so many interesting shades that I couldn't decide which one to get. Because they aren’t the cheapest I didn’t want to buy just one shade, came home and discover I don’t like it. Next time I have to do a research before going to the shop, because this time I was more focused on lipsticks.

Final thoughts?
I love blushes, haha. :P Anyway, I know my answers are not the most interesting to read, but it was a fun tag to do. I'd like to tag Mateja, who told me about this tag, Sara, Sanja and Petra. Of course, anyone else is welcome to do it as well. 

Thank you for reading!

08. april 2015

NOTD: Essie Spring 2015 Garden Variety

In Slovenian DM's we can already find the newest Essie collection for spring 2015. This collection has 6 shades: few nudes, one mint, teal and a purple shade. I had a coupon for 25 % discount on one product and decided to use it for Essie polish. In decision between mint Blossom Dandy and teal Garden Variety the latter won. 

Essie Garden Variety is a gorgeous vibrant teal shade with creme finish. Polish has a wide brush as all Essence polishes and its formula is amazing as well. I've never had a problem with application by creme Essie polish before and this one is no exception. It goes on nails smoothly and even, and it's opaque in two coats. Teal polishes can sometimes stain nails, but I had no problems with this one. I wore it for two days and it chipped on my right hand, on which I have the weakest nails, and then I removed it. 

I have to say my camera doesn't really like this polish. In person is definitely more green and vibrant as my camera is trying to show you. I personally adore this shade, because as you know all kinds of green color variations are me shades. :)

Essie polishes are available at DM for 9,95 €. One bottle contains 13,5 ml of a product. This collection is appropriate for everyone who likes nude and bright shades. I hope DM will soon have 1+1 offer again for us who find Essie polishes a bit pricey.

Did you get any shade from Essie spring collection? Thank you for reading!

06. april 2015

Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Big Love Palette

Makeup Revolution is a brand that's only one year old, but they are launching new and interesting products all the time. Their products are a hit or a miss – I own few products that I adore and some that didn’t impress me and I threw them away. Their eyeshadows palettes are the ones that often impress me with the selection of shades, although the quality wasn’t always the best, because their eyeshadows creased on me. When I received the palette Big Love I felt in love immediately. So many gorgeous shades, perfect for everyday and smoky “going out” looks.

The idea behind this palette is that it contains 3 sections of 5 eyeshadows in one palette. Sections are called Head over Heels, Last Kiss and Dreaming. Each of them enables you to create one look (that’s why they call it “1 palette 3 looks”), but you can also mix different eyeshadows and create your own looks. I’m going to show you 4 looks – one made with shades from each section and the mixed look I did with a whole palette. 

The palette has a big plastic black shiny packaging with a big mirror inside (high five for that, MR), two side applicator and it’s very well made. It’s big so I don’t find it the most appropriate for travelling, but on the other hand you get everything you need for daily and “going out” looks in one palette. It weights 13 g and it costs 8,95 € on Ličila.si (£6 of official Makeup Revolution site). Lids in the palette are different, so you don’t get the same amount of each eyeshadow. The biggest lids have highlighting shades and the smallest eyeshadows that can be used on lids or in crease. The most amazing thing, as always, is that eyeshadows have names. How cool it is to say now I’m applying Into the Night or any other fancy name on lids, huh? ;)

The quality of eyeshadows differs from shade to shade. Some are great pigmented and silky, while others are chalky or not so well pigmented. Most of eyeshadows dust and they fall out by application on lids. Otherwise they stick nicely on lids and blend easily. After few hours these eyeshadows lose the intensity, but what's more important they don't crease. If you're going read my old reviews of Makeup Revolution palettes then you'll read that their eyeshadows crease on me despite my normal lids. Well, they improved the quality, because Big Love eyeshadow do not move in lines. 

Head over Heels

This collection contains more golden-brown shades. It’s perfect for everyday wear, but it also allows dark smoky looks.
Looking Out – it’s a nice silky nude highlighter with tiny glitter, which unfortunately isn’t the best pigmented. On my swatches is barely visible, because it’s very close to my skin tone.
Chameleons – it’s a golden shimmery shade. To me this is the most disappointing shade, because it’s hard on touch and although it has an okay pigmentation, it doesn’t apply very evenly on eyes. I have to dab it on lids if I want to achieve nice and even look. But it’s the shade that suits my eye colour nicely, so I wear it mostly on lids.
Into the Light – is a light brown shimmery shade with good pigmentation and it’s my favourite in this section. I usually use it in crease, but it’s also perfect for wearing on lids and on lower lash line.
Into the Night – is a dark brown shimmery shade with amazing pigmentation. This one would be great to use on lids if I’d wear smoky look, but otherwise I like to use it in outer V or to darken out the crease.
Head Over Heels – the eyeshadow that wears the name of the collection is the darkest brown shade with an amazing pigmentation and together with Into the Night is the softest and silkiest eyeshadow in the section. This eyeshadow is perfect to use in outer V, but I also like to use it as liner.

For this look I used Chameleons all over the lid, Into the Light in crease, Into the Night in outer V and on lower lash line, Head Over Heels as liner ad Looking Out to highlight my brow bone and inner corner.

Last Kiss

The middle section contains purple toned eyeshadows and it’s perfect for those who like purple shades. I personally reach for them often, because I think purple looks good on me.
Romantic Moments – is a pink toned matte highlighting eyeshadow. Its pigmentation also isn’t the strongest if I compare it to Looking Out. When I blend it on eyes is barely visible.
First Kiss – is a purple shimmery eyeshadow with good pigmentation and it’s my favourite in this section. I love to use it on lids.
Lover – is a dark taupe shimmery shade. I like to use this one in crease when I’m wearing eyeshadows from this section on eyes.
Absorbed – is a plum shimmery shade. This one can be used anywhere – on lids, in crease, in inner corner by darker looks, on lower lash line. It’s very pretty shade.
Last Kiss – this is the darkest shade in this section. It’s a dark purple shade that contains tiny pink glitter. Its pigmentation isn’t as strong as by other eyeshadows, but it’s buildable. 

I used First Kiss all over the lid, Absorbed in crease, Lover in outer V, Last Kiss on lower lashline and Romantic Moments to highlight my brow bone. 


The section with the prettiest name is full of greyish eyeshadows that are appropriate for dark looks on nights out, but they also allow simple daily look. Despite the prettiest name this is my least favourite section in the palette.
Stepping Out – this is a pearly white shade and it’s the best highlighting eyeshadow in the palette. Its pigmentation is amazing and it’s perfect for inner corner of the eye to open the look.
Simply Stunning – is a brown shimmery shade with good pigmentation and this is the shade that enables a daily look with this section if it’s used on lids. I also like to use it in crease.
Weave Your Magic – is a very dark grey, almost black shimmery eyeshadow with very good pigmentation, but this one can lose the intensity quickly when it’s blended out.
Different Light – is a silver grey shimmery shade with great pigmentation. If you like silver on eyes this one is perfect to use on lids. By darker looks it can also be used in inner corner instead of highlighting shade.
Dreaming – is a black eyeshadow with multicoloured glitter. Its formula is a bit chalky and although it has a nice pigmentation, it’s my least favourite eyeshadow in the whole palette. I have to admit I haven’t used this one much. 

I used Simply Stunning in Crease, Weawe Your Magic on inner and outer third of the lid and on lower lash line, Different Light in the middle of the lid and Stepping Out to highlight my brow bone. 

Mixed look
And for the end I have a look for you that was created with different eyeshadows from all three sections. First I used Simply Stunning in crease (I have noticed that lately I always start with a shade in crease, not on lids). Then I applied Into the Light on inner third of the lid and First Kiss on other two thirds of the lid. To deepen the crease I used Head Over Heels. In outer V I lightly applied Weave Your Magic. On first third of lower lash line I applied Absorbed and on other two thirds Last Kiss. In inner corner I used Different Light. Then I blended out First Kiss on lower lash line with Head Over Heels. The place between eyeshadows on upper lid and lower lash line I filled with NYX Milk white pencil. The brow bone I highlighted with Stepping Out. If other three looks are more wearable looks to me I wanted to create something special with a whole palette and I'm really satisfied with this look. 

Overall, this palette isn’t bad at all. It has its flaws, but it’s a good drugstore palette. Eyeshadows are good pigmented and don’t crease, the packaging is sturdy and it comes with a big mirror inside. By my opinion this palette is perfect for people who are just starting with makeup. For 9 € you’ll get a palette with 15 eyeshadows that will allow you to create different looks. In Slovenia you can order it on Ličila.si and international readers can get it on Makeup Revolution’s official site.  

What do you think about Big Love palette? Have you tried it already? Thank you for reading!
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