17. april 2014

NOTD: Neon Skittle

I won't be very long today, but I wanted to share my latest manicure with you. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you already saw it before. The other day I saw a photo of very gorgeous manicure that had combined neon and sand polishes and it inspired me to do my manicure. I actually don't remember anymore on which social media I saw it, but neon shades caught my eye immediatelly. Lately I'm wearing mostly neon polishes and it's not even Summer yet. I know some of you are probably bored with my neon obsession, but guess what? You'll be seeing much more neon manicres in the future on my blog, haha.

I combined yellow neon pastel CH Nail Lacquer 15 nail polish with Golden Rose Holiday 55, a blue sand nail polish, and Color Club Youthquake, which is a coral neon shade. I'm definitely loving this combo, sand and neon polishes look amazing together. I have to try few other combinations in the future as well.

What do you think? Do you like combination of neon and sand polishes or are you not fan of either of them? Thank you for reading!

15. april 2014

My Makeup Routine: Face

Hello, everyone! As you told me in comments on my previous makeup routine post, you really like the idea of makeup series post, so here I am today with a second post. This time I'll talk about products I use for my face and in this post I'll preach few of my all time favourite face makeup products. 

I have very little problems with my skin, so I love to use foundations with light coverage. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum are perfect for me. I have foundation in shade 02 Vanilla and serum in shade 01 Light Vanilla. Many people say that serum is much better, but for me they both work the same, except that serum is more liquidy I guess. Foundation is a bit darker so I tend to use it in Spring and in Summer, when I get more tanned. They both have light coverage that can be build and gave to skin a dewy finish. On me they last around 7-8 hours. 

As a concealer I'm using Essence Stay All Day 16 concealer. I was using shade 02 Soft Beige before, but I ran out of it and now I got lighter shade 01 Natural Beige. It's creamy and it has medium coverage, which is enough for me. It's very easy to blend and it lasts long on skin (but not 16 hours as they say). It can crease so I usually apply Essence matt powder over it, which prevents creasing for me.
The second product I use is Catrice Camouflage Cream in shade Ivory. It's thicker and heavier products, but it blends nicely and it covers blemished really good. For some time I was using it under my eyes as well and I still do this when I do looks for blog, but then I apply Essence concealer over it as well. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 02 Vanilla, Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla, Catrice camouflage cream Ivory, Essence Stay All Day Concealer Soft Beige.

When I apply all my creamy products I use Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder. This is really a great product. It mattifys my skin, prevents creasing (specially concealer under eye area), makes foundation last longer and it doesn't look cakey on my skin. My skin doesn't get oily quickly so I can't say how it works with oily skin.

Contouring is a makeup routine that I'm still pretty new in. I started to contour my face at the end of last year after I watched few Youtube videos how to do it. First I started to use Essence powder which is few shades darker than my skin, because I know my mistakes won't be that visible (but it's definitely not the rigth product for countouring).
Few weeks ago I ordered Sleek Face Form in Fair and now I'm using brown contour powder from this kit. It's amazing, not too dark for me (I'm quite pale in winter time), easy to blend and it looks good on skin. 

I own few highlighters but my all time favourite is Essence Metal Glad Gold Digger. It's golden shimmery highlighter, very nice pigmented and it looks amazing on skin. I use it with almost every look I do. 

Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder, Essence compact powder, Sleek Face Form Fair (contour powder), Essence Gold Digger highlighter.

I don't wear one blush constantly so in this post I'm sharing with you my favourite blushes at the moment. During one weekend I'll take time and take photos of all my blushes for blush collection post. Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush is in my favourites since I got it. It's perfect for this season as well, because it gives more peachy look to the skin. Catrice Pinkerbell is a hot pink blush, nice pigmented, but easy to apply and it looks amazing on cheeks. Few weeks ago I got two Sleek blushes Life's a Peach and Pomegranate, one peachy and one raspberry and I felt in love immediately. Pomegranate has amazing pigmentation, I need only a tiny bit of product to give color to my face and it last really long on cheeks. Life's Peach is a perfect shade for this season, a bit less pigmented than Pomegranate, but it can be built and it gives fresh look to my face. Last but not least is Etude House Grapefruit Jelly, which I also adore and it's perfect for Spring as well. 

Sleek Life's Peach, Sleek Pomegranate, Catrice Pinkerbell, Essence Ap-ri(c)ot, Etude House Grapefruit Jelly.

I also prepared a tutorial how I apply my face products. Nothing special really. Don't be afraid of my bare face, please. :P First I apply foundation. I usually use brush, but lately I rather use makeup sponge. Here I'm wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation Vanilla (photos were taken before I got serum). Then I apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose and blend it toward my cheeks. If neccessary I apply Catrice camouflage cream on my blemishes and blend it with makeup sponge (it really works great with it). After all my creamy products are applied I use Essence All About Matt Matt fixing compact powder.

Then I contour my face, apply blush and highlighter and I'm done. The blush I'm wearing here is Essence Ap-ri(c)ot. If I know I'm going to use eyeshadows that don't fall out, I apply foundation before I do my eyes, but when I use metallic or shimmery shades that fall out, I first do eyes and then face.

Which are your all time favourites products for face makeup routine? Thank you for reading!

13. april 2014

365 Days Photo Challenge- Day 83-103

It's been a while since my last 365 days photo challenge post, but I did take photo of the day every day despite not posting them more regular, although I admit I'm loosing my inspiration a bit, but I'll try to continue with this challenge anyway.

Day 83: Peachy.

Day 84: A gift from a friend for graduation.

Day 85: My view at work.

Day 86: Trying on my new lippie.

Day 87: Blue flakies.

Day 88: Sundown.

Day 89: Swatching.

Day 90: Blossoming.

Day 91: Tulips.

Day 92: Orange neon lips, nails and necklase.

Day 93: Taček.

Day 94: Movie night.

Day 95: Dandelion flower.

Day 96: By the lake.

Day 97: Loving those scents.

Day 98: Freshly washed hair and no makeup face.

Day 99: Ice cream.

Day 100: I'm on Instagram now (taja_g).

Day 101: Cute bookmark.

Day 102: Flowers.

Day 103: Easter exhibition.

Thank you for watching!

12. april 2014

NOTD: Flowers

Few days ago Julep send me an email with information about their Spring Nail Art Competition. I was immediatelly interested in this competition, because this year I did so little Spring nail art. Lately time just doesn't allow me to be more creative with my nails, but there was one easy flower desing I had in mind to do for a longer period now and I decided to do it for this competition. It's nothing special, very easy to do, but I love it a lot.

Inspiration for this nail art were actually apple blossoms. They are white and have pink ends and I wanted to create something similar on my nails. As you know I'm not big pink fan and I don't have any pink nail polish, except one neon that is pinkish coral shade, so I decided to use mostly neon (neon pastel) shades. I think neon color look great over nude base. Because I didn't want to have only pink blossoms, I added orange one as well.

Step 1: First I started with two coats of Essence nude shade Totally Retro Nude.
Step 2: Then I used Color Club Youthquake and did four dots one by another for flower.
Step 3: When pink polish dried I used white polish (Essie Blanc) and did the same as before. I placed smaller dots into bigger dots.
Step 4: In the middle of flower I placed one big yellow dot with CH Nail Lacquer 15.
Step 5: Beside pink flowers I draw one orange one the same way as pink one.
Step 6: I used green neon nail polish (China Glaze Highlight of my Summer) and a dotting tool to draw leaves.
Step 7: I draw a white line into leaves for shadow.
Step 8: In the end I used top coats to seal the manicure.

And a bit of inspiration for the end.

 What do you think? Thank you for reading!

10. april 2014

Makeup z Yves Rocher izdelki

*Sorry, international readers, this is a sponsored post so it'll be in Slovene. But all Yves Rocher product will be swatched and reviewed on my blog in English, starting next week. The list of products I used for this look you can find below.

Živjo, punce! Pred kratkim nas je 10 blogerk dobilo priložnost testirati Yves Rocher izdelke in narediti makeup z njimi in danes vam predstavljam ustvarjeni look s prejetimi izdelki. Na kratko vam bom podala tudi svoje mnenje o izdelkih, natančnejše ocene s swatchi pa bodo sledile drug teden, verjetno v angleščini.

Začela sem z bazo za podlago, s katero imam nekak love-hate odnos. Ne maram je predvsem zaradi močnega vonja, ki je zelo moteč. Najprej me je zmotilo tudi dejstvo, da je baza zelo temne rjave barve (jaz pa sem zelo svetla). Ampak po prvem nanosu sem ugotovila, da se lepo razmaže in koži ne daje barve, da pa lep sijaj. Poleg tega pa zelo podaljša obstojnost tekoče podlage. 
Nato sem nanesla tekočo podlago 100 bež. Sicer se mi zdi, da mi odtenek kar ustreza (verjetno sem dobila že malo barve), ampak na spletni strani sem videla, da obstaja še svetlejši odtenek 000 in nekako imam občutek, da bi mi tisti nabolj ustrezal (še posebej pozimi). Tudi ta podlaga je odišavljena, ampak tukaj na srečo vonj ni moteč. Nanos je ok, zelo lepo se jo da zblendati v kožo, prekrivnost je srednja, ampak se jo da nadgraditi. Samostojno je podlaga obstojna nekje 7-8 ur.
Puder v prahu, ki sem ga nanesla čez podlago, mi je prav tako všeč in čeprav deluje zelo svetel, mi je kombinacija vseh treh izdelkov žal pretemna (na fotkah se ne vidi, ker sem popudrala tudi vrat). Puder sem dobila v odtenku prosojna rožnata. Puder krasno matira kožo in podaljša obstojnost tekoče podlage. V nedeljo, ko sem delala ta look, mi je kombinacija baza+podlaga+puder zdržala na obrazu kar 11 ur, kar se mi še nikoli ni zgodilo. Je pa res, da so nedelje bolj za počitek, zato sem preizkusila to kombinacijo še na delovni dan in se je obnesla ok, ampak je zdržala manj, le nekje 9 ur. Nekako imam občutek, da mi bo ta kombinacija super ustrezala poleti, vsaj kar se barve tiče, ampak dvomim, da bom poleti nosila veliko makeupa.

Za oči sem najprej uporabila Essencevo bazo I Love Stage, nato pa naredila očesni makeup z dvojnim senčilom v odtenku peščena/jantar. Zlato senčilo sem nanesla čez celo veko, rjavo pa v pregib veke. Ti dve senčili sta me navdušili. Lepo sta pigmentirani in zelo svilnati na dotik. Ker gre za šimrasta odtenka, znata padati pod oči, se ju pa da lepo zblendati in obstojni sta ves dan, brez da bi zlezli v gubo, izgubita pa malce intenzivnosti po več urah nošenja. Edina stvar, ki je moti, je, da senčili izgledata precej podobno, ko sta zblendani na očeh. 
Za blendanje ostrih linij nad očesno gubo sem uporabila enojno senčilo  v odtenku rožnata, ki je zelo slabo pigmentirano in se na očeh tudi zelo slabo vidi, kljub podlagi. Uporabno se mi zdi predvsem kot podlaga za druga senčila ali pa za blendanje. 
Nato sem nanesla Essencev eyeliner v odtenku in na koncu še maskaro Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Black. Maskara me sploh ni navdušila. Sicer lepo loči trepalnice, ampak volumna jim pa ne da nič, kot lahko vidite na fotki. Ta maskara je primerna bolj za naraven videz, za nas, ki hočemo volumen, pa ne ravno.

Za senćenje lica sem uporabila puder za senčenje iz Sleek Face Form seta Fair, kot highlighter pa Essencev Gold Digger iz Metal Glam kolekcije. Rdečilo, ki sem ga uporabila, je v odtenku svetlo rožnata iz linije naravnih rdečil. Moram priznati, da me rdečilo na začetku ni prav nič navdušilo, ker je zelo slabo pigmentirano, ampak z Ecotools čopičem za nanos rdečila se ga da prav lepo nadgraditi, da daje lep naraven rožnat izgled. Je pa to edini čopič, s katerim mi je uspelo rdečilo nanesti, da se lepo vidi. Obstojnost je odvisna od raznih dejavnikov. Če ga nanesem samo preko tekoče podlage, izgine zelo hitro, po kakih štirih urah, če pa ga nanesem čez kombinacijo baza+podlaga+puder v prahu, pa lahko zdrži tudi po 8 ur. Vendar pa je na žalost odtenek primeren le za punce, ki so zelo svetle, nekako imam občutek, da se na puncah, ki imajo bolj zagorelo polt, ne bi prav lepo videl.
Od vseh Yves Rocher izdelkov pa me je najbolj navdušila šminka Gurmanska rdeča. Sicer je zelo slabo obstojna, ker na mojih ustnicah izgine že po dveh urah, tudi če ne jem in pijem zelo malo, ampak njena formula je odlična. Ima krasno kremasto teksturo, ki kar polzi po ustnicah in pigmentacija je odlična. Pa še zelo mi je všeč, kako mi odtenek pristaja. Se mi zdi, da je popolna kombinacija z duo senčilom peščena/jantar.

Izdelki, ki sem jih koristila pri tem makeupu/Products I used with this look:
- Yves Rocher Perfect Primer
- Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation 100 Beige
- Yves Rocher Transparence Rosee
- Catrice black kajal pencil
- Sleek Face Form Fair (contouring)
- Essence Gold Digger highlighter
- Yves Rocher blush

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Yves Rocher Rose the mat mono eyeshadow
- Yves Rocher Sand and Amber duo eyeshadow
- Alverde Vanille
- Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner waterproof
- Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume mascara
- Catrice eyebrow set (for brows)

- Yves Rocher Rouge Gourmand

Ste že preizkusile Yves Rocher kozmetiko? Kako vam je všeč makeup, ki sem ga ustvarila z Yves Rocher izdelki? Hvala za pozornost!
*Izdelke sem prejela v oceno za iskreno mnenje.

Giveaway #2

Yesterday my first nail polish giveaway ended and today I'm starting with a second one. But first let me announce the winner of previous giveaway. The winner is:

Simona Ribič. 

Congratulation, Simona. Now let's go to the second one. The rules are the same as with last one and all these polishes were used (few as full manicure, but most of them only swatched on one or four nails). Be my follower and fill the Rafflecopter form below.

The prize is:
- Coral Prosilk 153
- Kinetics Forget-Me-Not
- S-he Stylezone 006
- Essence Street Styler
- Rimmel Lively Lilac
- Alessandro Oriental Cashmere
- Deborah Milano Stardust
- Essence Love, Peace and Purple
- Misslyn Leguan

Giveaway is open only for Europe (because of shipping) and it'll end on 23. 4. 2014 at Midnight.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!