My Summer Face Makeup Companions

Today I'm presenting you three face products that are my companions this summer. I don't wear much makeup in the summer because of the heat, but I do put a "simple" makeup on when I go somewhere (which is quite often lately since there are many picnics at our friends and family places) or when my BF and are are taking photos of my pregnancy. I put "simple" in commas because I probably still use too many products for a basic makeup. 

A few months ago I discovered a perfect BB cream that offers me everything I want. And the best thing about it? It's so bright. Usually, BB creams are very dark and they rarely match a fair skin tone, but people at Bell definitely knew what they were doing when they created this product. 

Last month I received a CC cream, but in a second dark shade, not the lightest. At the beginning, I wasn't sure if this shade will match my skin tone, but by CC cream Bell did the same job as by BB cream and they created light shades. Currently 02 Nude matches my skin tone perfectly. What's even more surprisingly is that despite the fact that BB cream 01 Vanilla was a perfect match for me a few months ago when I was paler, it adapts to my skin tone after few minutes and it also matches my current tanned skin very well. 

Before I review each product separately and show you swatches on my face, I want to share swatches on my hand with you. Nor BB or CC cream oxidizes, but the concealer does. But only on my hand. When I put it on my face it blends really nicely into the skin and it keeps its original shade. In the reality 01 shade is closer to the shade of BB cream 01 Vanilla. 

Bell HYPOAllergenic Liquid Eye Concealer 01
This is one of my most used product lately and I think I used it around half in the past three months (keep in mind that I don't wear makeup every day, sometimes I don't wear it for a whole week). What I love about it is that it comes in cardboard packaging (which I already threw away), which is sealed with adhesive tape, so you can be sure that no one touched the product you're going to buy. I got mine in Tuš drugstore, where they also have testers so you can swatch different shades to see which one will match your skin tone the best.
I decided for the lightest shade 01, which is a bright neutral shade. On my swatch it oxidized a bit, but not on the skin. When I got it (I was a bit paler back then) it was a perfect match for my skin tone, it really adapted to it perfectly but now when I have a bit more colour I use it to brighten up my under eye area. It has a light to medium coverage, so if you're searching a good coverage concealer this one isn't for you because it will not cover every imperfection on the skin (as you can probably notice on my swatch below). It applies smoothly and easy because of a doe foot applicator. It feels nicely creamy, non-drying on the skin and it blends really well. I also like it because it takes ages (aka a lot of hours to wear) before it creases on me (after many hours of wear every concealer goes into my fine lines). It doesn't have a moisturizing feeling as for example Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer, but it also doesn't dry out the skin under my eyes. I usually set it with powder and it lasts for hours on my skin. 

Price: 4,89 € for 6,5 g
Ingredients: click

Bell HYPOAllergenic BB cream 01 Vanilla
What Bell says about this product?
- hides imperfections and blemishes
- optimally moisturises and brightens the skin
- contains melanin and vitamin E
- provides a natural-looking makeup

My opinion:
There are many reasons I felt in love with this products, but the main reason is a very bright shade. I really hate that most of the brands create too dark shades of BB creams. I personally am a huge fan of light coverage products, especially in the summer, and although I do get tan quickly, a lot of brands still create the lightest shade that is too dark for me. 
Bell BB cream has a light formula with light coverage that evens out the skin tone and it gives it a moisturizing feeling. That's also one of the reasons I love this cream. My skin is normal to dry and this product works perfectly for it. Its finish is satin - it's not completely matte, but also not dewy. It does create a natural look on the skin. Despite the light coverage, it evens out the skin tone nicely. It covers up not very noticeable blemishes and light redness, but for everything else I use a concealer. I sometimes use it on its on but mostly I set it up with powder and it lasts a whole day with minimal fading away. 
The packaging is a 30 ml tube that enables an easy dosage of a product. 

Price: 8,89 € for 30 g
Ingredients: click

*Bell HYPOAllergenic CC cream 02 Nude
What Bell says about this product?
- light, moisturizing formula
- makes the skin colour uniform
- covers imperfections
- leaves your skin shining healthy

My opinion:
This is the first CC cream I tried so I can't compare it with any other, but from my experience, I can tell that Bell CC cream has practically the same formula as Bell BB cream. Maybe it has a tiny bit better coverage and it lasts a bit longer, but that are the only two differences I noticed. On my skin, these two act very similarly and if I wear them side by side you can't tell them apart because they have the same finish and they both give that natural look to the skin. Although I have CC cream in a darker shade than BB cream, they both adjust to my skin tone and after few minutes you definitely can't tell that one is brighter than the other. 
I like to build up both and then set them with powder to make them last longer. Both products are actually perfect for me to use during the summer because they give me a natural and fresh look. As you can see I do have some blemishes and a bit of redness on my skin, but nothing too serious that would need a high coverage. Unfortunately, I can't say how these two would act on oily skin because my skin is on a drier side and for me, they work great. 

Price: 7,89 € for 30 g
Ingredients: click

Which one I prefer - BB or CC cream? Telling the truth, I like both creams the same because I don't see any bigger difference on my skin. Despite the fact that I have BB cream in a lighter shade than CC cream, they both adjust to my skin tone and after a half an hour you can't tell anymore on which side I'm wearing BB and on which CC cream if I wear them side by side. Maybe the only difference is that CC cream has a tiny bit better coverage and it lasts a bit longer, but that's it. And the similarities are the reason I use both when doing makeup. I usually grab the one that is closer to my reach. 

I also want to point out that these two creams don't contain any SPF as many other BB creams do (at least I didn't find any information that they would contain it), so be aware of that when purchasing them and use a sun cream underneath if you're going to spend a lot of time in the sun. :)

I recommend these products to you if you're searching for products with light coverage that feel lightweight on your skin and give it a natural look. If you want something with higher coverage, these three products aren't for you. :)

Bell HYPOAllergenic products are available at Tuš drugstore, Maxi, Nama and on

Have you tried Bell HYPOAllergenic products? Which ones would you recommend me? Thank you for reading!
*PR product

Peachy Summer Makeup

Peachy was never really my colour. I liked it in a combination with other colours, but I never felt like the peachy colour  suits me well on its own. Some time ago I got a pretty peachy lipstick and I thought I could create a look, based on peachy and orange colours. The look is simple, but it's perfect for summer.

I used a taupe shade in the crease and peachy all over the lids. Under the eyes, I used coral eyeshadow pencil, which I blended out with soft orange shade. In inner corner, I used golden shimmery eyeshadow. A black winged eyeliner is, of course, a must for me. I would probably use false lashes here as well, but I created this look when my makeup collection was still in boxes (during the process of renovating our bedroom), so I didn't bother to search them in the pile of endless boxes. Cheeks and lips are also coloured in a peachy shade, and everything together might seem too much peachy colour on the face, but I kind of like it. Although I'm still convinced that peachy isn't my colour. 

Products I used:
- Bell HYPOAllergenic BB cream 01 Vanilla
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bell HYPOAllergenic Liquid eye concealer 01
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Essence Oriental Beauty bronzer
- Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Asian Sensation

- NYX HD eyeshadow base
- Catrice Eyeshadow Pen Exotica
- Maybelline The Nudes palette
- Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Dreaming Under a Cherry Tree palette
- Misslyn Next Generation eyeshadow
- Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Eyeliner
- Catrice Glam&Doll False Lashes mascara

- Helan peachy lipstick

Helan is an Italian brand that produces natural cosmetics. They also have natural makeup and I got a chance to try their lipstick from the line Rosetti Biologici, called *Albicocca, which means peach. The lipstick is organic and made of natural ingredients. It contains argan, sunflower, jojoba and sesame oil, vitamin E, beeswax and shea butter. 
When I received the lipstick that is packed in a silver metallic packaging, I didn't expect much. I actually thought this will be more a coloured lip balm than a lipstick, but I was surprised because this is a very nicely pigmented peachy lipstick. It's very pleasant, lightweight to wear. It has a light creamy formula with a glossy finish, and although I'm used to that glossy lipsticks disappear quicker from my lips than for example matte lipstick, this one lasted around four hours when I didn't eat. Otherwise, it does transfer to a glass and it wears off a lot during a meal. The lipstick is very moisturising and nourishing and even after hours of wear, it doesn't dry the lips.
Helan lipsticks are available at in Slovenia. Beside peachy shade, there are also pink and chestnut shades available. You get 3,5 g of a lipstick for 17,99 €.  Although I find this lipstick very good and although I realise this is a natural, cruelty-free product, the price is a bit too high for me (probaby also, because I prefer wearing matte lip products), but if you like natural cosmetics I suggest you to check LiCare site, because the selection of products is really big.

What do you think about my makeup? Are you a fan of peachy colour? Do you wear it often? Thank you for reading!

*PR product

Yellow Cheetah NOTD and OOTD

Yesterday I was in a big mood for yellow on my nails. I haven't done nail art for a long time now, and because today I'm going to a birthday celebration, I wanted to wear something else than just a plain colour on my nails. Then I found this cute shirt for preggies in my closet and decided to do a manicure, inspired by it. 

I started with four coats of Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy! and two coats of Essence Wild White Ways on my nails. Catrice is such a gorgeous pastel yellow shade, but it's so sheer. On both white nails, I draw a cheetah print, using a thin dotting tool and Catrice polish. Then I decided to do a cheetahdesign on one of the yellow nails as well, just to spice up a manicure a bit. 

And of course, I have to include some photos of my baby bump. My BF and I are taking photos of it every week so that after a birth I'll have a memory of my growing bump and the baby inside me. For me, my pregnancy is a very special moment and I want to take as many photos as a can. But the reason I'm showing you these photos is that here you can see the shirt that was my inspiration for today's manicure. 

What do you think about this manicure? Thank you for reading!

Bell HYPOAllergenic Nail Polishes

On Katja's blog Viva La Vida I always read positive reviews about Bell HYPOAllergenic products, so I was eager to try them. I visited our Tuš drugstore in Beltinci to see if they sell their products and I was happy to find their assortment there. This brand is also available online, on but I prefer buying products in person and swatching products in the drugstore. I wanted to write the first impression about the products I bought but I'm using them for so long now that I can already write a proper review. I decided to start with their nail polishes.

I've chosen four shades that are the most typical for me. Polishes come in a round bottle that contains 9,5 ml. I think I paid around 4 € for one shade. The brush is long, narrow and flat, and it's easy to work with. The difficulty of application depends on from a formula of a polish, which varies from shade to shade. These dry quite fast even without fast drying top coat. On my weak nails, these lasted around two days, as normally polishes do. These polishes have numbers, not names, which is a bit disappointing because I love polishes with interesting names. Otherwise, the selection of shades is quite nice. I think they mostly sell polishes with a creamy finish, which is classic and also my favourite finish.

04 is a darker purple shade with a creamy finish. This one has the best pigmented formula of all shades, but the worse brush. I think there was something wrong when they were tripping the bristles because on one side they left longer bristles as on other and that means that the nice application of this polish is quite difficult. I used two coats for these swatches.

04 is a blue cream polish, and this one is my favourite of the bunch. I have a soft spot for this kind of blue shade, I bet I can find a similar shade from other brands in my stash already. This one has a nice formula that applies easy and it's opaque in two coats.

07 is a sky blue cream shade. This one has a bit watery formula, but it's less runny and better pigmented as for example 08. I used two coats for these swatches. This one is my second favourite.

08 is a light green cream shade. This one has the sheerest and most disappointing formula. It's quite watery and runny, so one has to apply thin coats, otherwise polish ends up on cuticles. The shade itself is very pretty. I used three coats for these swatches.

Have you tried Bell HYPOAllergenic nail polishes? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!